3 Best Battery Operated Leaf Blowers 2021

Battery power leaf blowers have become very popular these days. They offer the comfort and better ergonomics than most other wired leaf blowers. Their flexibility and mobility are the best in the segment and since they are powered by electricity, they do no generate too much of harmful gases like conventional diesel blowers. If you want to keep your lawn clean and tidy during the autumn season, then getting an electric leaf blower seems to be a good idea. Here are the top 3 battery-powered leaf blower reviews that you should look at very carefully.

Makita XBU02

Makita’s electric leaf blower is designed for efficiency and, thanks to its compact and balanced design, is ideal for small gardens. The narrow nozzles ensure a precise and focused airflow, which is ideal for tight corners, but not for large courtyards or thick mounds of leaves. The Makita XBU02 does well, but loses points compared to similar devices due to the average operating time and the high price. It can generate a power of 138 mph and 473 cfm which allows you to easily remove all the leaves from the lawn. It is very quiet and generates less than 50 decibels of noise when you are using the leaf blower.

Ego Power+ LB6504

one of the best is the segment, the Ego Power+ LB6504 can definitely help you to clean the entire lawn in just a few minutes. The LB6504 features a variable-speed dial that helps you to adjust the speed as well as a turbo button that gives you the ability to blast through difficult spots. This leaf blower was the heaviest hand blower we reviewed, but Ego Power sells a wonderful shoulder strap that you can easily clip on. When it comes to battery leaf blowers in 2021, this amazing device stands out from the crowd and is ideal for the toughest jobs in the lawn. The overall maximum output of 650 CFM is comparable to some gas models & it generates less than 60 decibels with prolonged use.

Greenworks GBL80300 80V

this Greenworks model is another lightweight backpack blazer that is ranked high for performance and battery life. This is the lightest backpack blower we’ve seen while still having a serious grip. The heavy 80V lithium-ion battery helps to maintain a high volume of air for 19 minutes without any break. The flexible shoulder tube rotates at the elbow, making it more compact and easier to stow than other backpack models. The only drawback of the device was that it is the most expensive blowers on this list. But, the price justifies the overall build quality and the kind of performance you expect from it.

So, here are three best battery powered leaf blowers that you can buy in 2021. Make sure to check out more details about the leaf blowers before deciding which one to buy now. Each of them offer the best performance and have been equipped with unique features too.