9 Video Search Marketing Strategies To Make YouTube Videos Rank

The world of business nowadays is getting tough; using different branding and online marketing strategies for business is a great idea; however, some businesses become popular and gain lots of advantages in posting videos on YouTube.

If you wanted to make a video and post it to a video uploading website, probably YouTube is one of the best video websites today, moreover, are you Looking to Buy 500 YouTube Likes? Click here to learn more about it. Different businesses upload videos to YouTube that turns out to be viral. These videos let the people know who they really are and what their services are that can aid a person’s need. The competition about video marketing is really amazing because, by this time, clever ideas and unique compositions are popping up like mushrooms.

As businesses compete using their marketing strategies, how they can gain high rankings, and how they can turn a visitor into a loyal customer is a very serious case. They must always go out of the shell so that people will know that this certain company is one of a kind. I’m not having fun nor making a big laugh about their competition stuff but what I’m trying to say is that their competition really displays the true meaning of making a video and it will really deserve to hit a thousand or a million views on YouTube.

Going back to the main topic, how can your videos be uploaded to YouTube and hit a huge number of views and shares to make it viral? If you are a newbie in using YouTube, well probably you will search first about tips in making a video and how to make this creation get a large number of views. One of the important things you must put in your mind is that you must have a background about search engine optimization (SEO) to make magic happen and turn it as your own advantages.

Are you new to YouTube? Here’s how to do it properly.

Like from the other stuff in SEO and in content creations, keywords are very important because this is how your video will become searchable by viewers and other persons who are looking for a kind of video like yours. Once you are done researching for the keywords you want to rank, you shall put it on your Title and description tags.

You might have experienced searching something on Google and then as the results appeared, some results on the list are videos from YouTube. That’s how it works, that’s how Google and YouTube works—they show different results based on keywords you used.

In general, Google tends to show video results based on these keywords.

The list above is just a list of the common keywords that are used in Google that make videos from YouTube appear in their search result. Many video makers make some of their videos use the keywords from above that is why their videos get likes and a large number of visits every day.

You can also use long-tail keywords based on the keywords from the list above and blend some keywords from your title or post.

One of the main significant things from this process is creating your own video. People are really interested in watching your video if they found something really unique on it—something different or something that touches their hearts.

We all know that a video that gets a huge number of viewers probably has something special on it. In order to be like them, you must try your best to be like them but don’t copy their work. Start creating your own.

Two of the best video editing software products that I have used for a long period of time, which never fails me, are the Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro. It took me a long time to know and study the software but don’t underestimate these badass video editing tools because they can really create an unexpected output.

In terms of creativity, some popular videos have this animation of paperboards, a simple yet good idea in placing your content. You can also have this doodle style of the video that tends to make viewers interested and keep on watching.

Creating your video doesn’t require you to copy other’s work. Maybe you can watch these videos but turn it into inspiration and craft your own.

Your description is very essential. Because Google and YouTube can’t listen to videos, they rely on your text description to determine your video’s content. Just be wise inputting the description and just make sure that the description is much related from the video and that can really help the viewers to understand and to know some of the sources that the video tells.

Here are the basic guidelines for the description:

  • Put your link at the very top of the video
  • Include your keyword in the first 25 words
  • Make the description at least 350 words
  • Place some links in the description (source or website)

This SEO-optimized description tells Google and YouTube what your video is about without being spammy.

Tags are also important because they also help the video to get searched and be indexed. Just place tags with your keyword several times. You can place 5 to 10 different tags if you want, just make sure that these tags are relevant to your video. Tags are important because it teaches Google and YouTube what your video is about.

Don’t forget the categories also; just choose the right category based to form your video.

  • Use link building, which is very effective

If you own a blog and you wanted to add some powers in popularizing your video, you can use some link building strategies wherein you place the exact keyword based on your video and make it hyperlinked in your articles so it will redirect the readers to your video through the URL. Make sure that the keyword is 100% related to your video and your blog content.

  • Share it to your friends and social networking sites

Share it yourself with your friends and ask them to share it also with their different social networking sites. The power of sharing really gives a big contribution to making your video go viral. Sharing is a powerful method wherein you can have hundredths of views in less than 5 minutes.

It is also important that you collaborate and interact with those people who appreciate your video and leave a comment on it. It is important that you reach them to answer their questions or their appreciations and at the end of the day, give thanks.

If you have done the procedures correctly and you know that your video can make a big hit, it is about time that you observe your video every day and let the magic begin!

Your thoughts

 There you have it, strategies that will make your video rank higher in YouTube and also impact the general Google search results, giving you huge traffic and a chance to amplify conversions.

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