Abdominal Slimming Tips For Women

Women are more conscious about their body compared to men. They always dream to have long-lasting sexy figure. But as pregnancy approaches, this dream could end up in an instant. Most women have the problem of losing those extra pounds in post-pregnancy stage and most of them became overweight or worse, obese after giving birth.

While others don’t have any horrible experiences with pregnancy, other single women do have serious fat issues and these are belly fats. Yes, most chubby women do have belly fat and it makes them physique to look really terrible. This makes women to hide these fats through their clothing or they even tend to undergo weight loss surgeries just to solve this problem.

Flat and sexy mid-section is what everybody wants, not just for women but also for men. However, it is very hard to take that belly fat away. More and more people failed to flattened their abs. You know why? Because they don’t know the right regimen to do so. If this sounds like you, then you have to read my tips below to learn how to get sexy and flat abs for women.

Tips for Women to Get Sexy Abs

I previously wrote the best ideal exercises for women which are all essential if you want to have a healthy and fit body. Most these exercises are simple and less intense, perfect for beginners like you. I also wrote some details on how to exercise your legs. Now if you are totally body conscious, leg workouts should be one of your priorities.

The information below are not just about exercises, but the whole slimming regimen that will focus on working your abs. So to get a sexy abs like Zuzana of BodyRock.tv, you have to follow these tips rigorously.

Cardio Exercises are Important!

Most women (and men actually), goes straight on ab exercises which are downright a wrong approach. Starting your workout program on the wrong foot can spell disaster. Yes, it may result in a weight loss but it certainly not significant in numbers and most probably won’t last. So don’t expect any positive improvement if you are solely targeting a specific body part on your exercise program.

If you want to achieve total fitness especially with your mid-section, you need to apply different types of workouts and cardiovascular workouts are very important. Yes, cardio workouts are extremely tiring and may bore you sometimes, but the thing is, you need to have that extra motivation to push yourself to exercise in a regular basis.

Not known to many, cardio exercises is the key in overcoming weight loss plateau. Cardio workout such as running , cycling, jogging or even just walking, can all keep you on your comfort zone, which are not too restrictive but not too intense. It works out every bit of muscle groups most especially around your middle where all muscle movements are concentrated. So ab workouts are not that important with regards to ab slimming.

You need to set a cardiovascular workout program first before you plunge into another level of exercises. Set interval training, which are very useful if you want to lose weight. Any bit of challenges from your cardio program can help increase your daily calorie burn, which leads to effective weight loss. As a quick sample routine, consider the program below.

  • Have breathing exercises for five minutes
  • A bit of stretching routines such as lunges
  • Start cardio by doing 16 jumping jacks every 5 minutes of your walk
  • Increase your workout by jogging for 10 minutes. Using a treadmill is a good alternative
  • After a successful jog, rest for five minutes then go for a stationary bike for another 10 minutes.
  • As an additional option, you may opt to do aerobics or any dance routines which are perfect program for women

Re-invent your Diet

Dieting is very important if you want to achieve flat and sexy abs. It is not just exercise that matters, it is also the food you take. If you want to have the right dose of dieting course, you need a professional dieting expert to help support your ab workout regimen. For now, I can only recommend the following tips.

Low-fat foods are the best way to prevent unwanted weight gain. You have to avoid sweet foods such as sugary pastries, donuts, candies, cakes, ice cream and many others. Instead, choose natural fruits with less sugar such as berries, grapefruit and many others.

High-protein foods are essential if you want to improve your muscles especially in the mid-section. Protein helps rebuild that loss muscle tissue after an intense workout. So make sure to have a daily dose of protein if you are strictly following a workout program.

Your calorie intake is crucial if you want to achieve six-packed abs. You have to monitor a low-calorie dieting program to ensure that you are not getting too much calories compared to what you are actually burning during your workout. You can ask you dietitian for the right daily calorie measurement that are ideal for women.

Low-carbohydrates is the last tip and the most obvious. While calorie is much more important component of weight loss than carbs, it is also worth noting that carbohydrates do have significant effect on your weight. Applying a low-carb diet can effectively avoid adding those unwanted fats. Eat unprocessed oats, brown rice or some potatoes, all of which are good carbs for your abs slimming program.

Level-up with Weight Training

Okay, if your body is used to your new dieting regime and to cardiovascular exercises, now you need to increase the intensity of your workout to target your fatty middle. What I mean is that, you need some intense workout program, a weight training regimen. Now weight training seems a big jump and too harsh for women, but I do advise you to talk to your trainer with regards to weight training. Obviously, you are not required to lift those super heavy plates you usually see in most gyms. What you need to apply is some basic weight training that are solely designed for women.

Weight training is the fastest and most easy way to burn fat. You can literally make your abs flat even without concentrating on ab training routines. Just keep on working on your shoulders, back, legs and chest, and your mid-section will also follow. If you want fast results, then target your middle right away but don’t over do it if you are a beginner as weight training can put a lot of stress on your body which can result to injuries.

Either your workout on a gym or at your private place, weight training can be very beneficial especially with the abs. You can directly sculpt your abs by doing basic leg-raises, crunches and different types of sit-ups. You can also use exercise ball crunches for fun and easy abdominal workouts.

Health food and online stores, drug stores, and vitamin stores carry products that claim to be natural appetite suppressants. For example, fiber can help you feel full longer after eating. 10 Therefore, some manufacturers of fiber supplements call it a natural appetite suppressant, and this method is recommended in most cases.

Conclusion on Abdominal Slimming Tips for Women

A woman needs that extra motivation to push herself towards extreme physique satisfaction. The ab section is very important part of women and if you have that sexy love handles, more men are definitely going to love you. If you want more details about dieting and workout training, talk to your dietitian or to your fitness coach. They will surely love to help you on achieving your health and fitness goals.

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