Astrology on Taurus

Ever the Earth Mother, Taurus woman draws strength, direction and even courage from all elements, ‘of the earth.’ She needs the smells, breezes, sights, sounds, warmth, coolness, creatures and touchstones that ground her to her lineage: Planet Tara. IF Scarlet O’Hara were a real, historical person, she’d have been a Taurus~! She seeks the smooth, easy, gliding, shimmering, velvety, rose peddle soft comfort in all things:

material or metaphorical. She loves devoutly, relishes verbosely, bargain hunts like, ‘Bring ‘um Back Alive,’ Frank Buck and she won’t pay retail on anything unless it stops her dead in her tracks and is a, ‘once-in-a-lifetime, never-grow-tired-of-it, gotta-have-it,’ spectacular THANG. When it comes to love, she’s a seductress, temptress, virgin, witchy, shy, wanton woman, who’ll stop at nothing until she gets what she wants.

Loyal to a fault, if she discovers it was NOT what she wanted, she’ll ride it out into self-destruction out of sheer commitment. They are attentive mothers, somewhat bossy wives, tenacious friends, devoted daughters and sacrificial philanthropists with the soft spot of Mother Theresa. Secure this woman as your employee, lover, BFF or playmate and you’ve got an anchor through the hurricane Katrina of life.

He’s Ret Butler to his counter part, Taurus Woman’s Scarlet O’Hara. He’ll make a fortune if he can, spend it lavishly on that which he loves most and hide the streak of rouge that runs through a well-groomed exterior through each decade of his life. No one is ‘more sure of himself,’ while he’s on a roll and more withdrawn and stymied when he’s NOT! Just the right ‘person at this side,’ be it business partner, love interest, family member or pal, and he can take on anything.

This man dreams big and wins even bigger when he does. He often has Champaign taste on a beer budget when he’s young and beer taste on a Champaign budget when he’s older. He’s a provider who prides himself on the ‘trappings’ of his success, which he splashes across the face of his life from his mansion like house to his collection of wheels. His wife is secure, well dressed, well fed and has ‘all that that she dreams of and more,’ if he has any say in the matter.

A small cross section of these Bulls are as, ‘tight as the bark on a tree,’ and if you’ve landed one, the only thing you can hope for is that his money out lives him. You have to admire his pluck but it may take half a dozen decades to appreciate his acquisitions. One good thing is that he often, ‘holds his good looks,’ well into those decades if he does not let a ‘rotund stature,’ be the result of his appetite dominating his will. If you want to learn more about astrology and other interesting stories related to it, you may check and visit This is one of the reliable websites that provide quality and interesting information about astrology.