Basic Social Media Plan Convincing Your Boss Your Company Needs Social Media

On a personal note I just want to share with you that I am moving from Buffalo to Boston to work for a company that creates enterprise social media solutions. Today is the last day at my current job, while going through some documents I have found some drafts of some projects that I have offered up.

The first thing I had to do when I started at this company was to sell them on the importance of social media and why they even needed a company blog. Over the next few days I am going to give a breakdown of my action plan. But today I want to include the opening of the plan that I sent out, I want to give people an example of how I explained the importance of social media.

Overview of Social Media

Here is my overview of what I have observed this week and some thoughts that I have. Along with this brief overview is my action plan for creating a source of traffic through a blog, dedicated to industry content. Also included is my initial viral marketing plan. I believe that this is a very valuable addition to the company’s current online marketing strategy and I look forward to working with everyone here in increasing business from this department. The value of views at social media is great to meet the desired results. How Does YouTube Count Views? The calculation of the views is with the availability of the subscribers. The use of the best strategy is done to count the views on the videos at the channel. 

This company is doing a lot of positive things. Company A is obviously an industry leader and our site compared to others within the industry reflects that, statistically it does very well when stacked up to other large competitors in our niche. However, compared to some small companies and other e-commerce sites we are doing pretty poorly statistically. The amount our company comes up in organic searches is rather low and statistically for a site that is this old we should be doing a lot better. Employee 1 and Employee 2 have made some pretty important and valuable changes in improving our SEO (search engine optimization); especially in regards to renaming the products on the site but we need to take some other steps to improve upon this. Beyond general SEO practices on the main site we can ad a corporate blog that will draw significant organic traffic by people searching for industry related products/content, who otherwise would have not previously found us.

Having a corporate blog puts a face on the company and is considered an extension of customer service, it is becoming a must have for most companies. Recently Johnson and Johnson sent out a representative to a large industry conference because they were concerned that they didn’t have a company blog. By creating a company blog on the main site we will be able to establish an even larger presence within the industry. No company has really taken a step to establish a good news source that is up to date with current trends.

Industry Blog A has a pretty good news source but the way it is setup and maintained is rather outdated. Beyond that there are a few blogs from dealers and hobbyists, but few really stand out from the pack and/or have any authority. We have an opportunity to create a destination site: where people can not only sell and buy cards, but get the latest news about the hobby they love and interact with an industry leading company.

In conjunction with the launch of the blog, I have laid out some of the viral marketing strategies I would like to use. These various viral strategies will have a positive impact on our search engine rankings, will generate traffic, increase our brand recognition, and most importantly, expand our customer base. The direct marketing on social networking sites will have multiple lasting effects creating a base of “friends” to compliment your mailing list. Because our social networking marketing is targeted, we will have a group of people that we know are interested in our products, which you can continually market to using various techniques on these sites.

Enclosed is the general plan of how I would like to implement both strategies. In the future I would like to overhaul and expand upon our current online marketing strategy; this plan is my initial recommendation.