Fastest Way To Build Muscle

The Fastest Way to build muscle? There are many ways you could answer that. Are you eating enough protein? Are you training but not seeing the results? Do you have the right goals to make it? The only way to build muscle successfully is to follow a healthy diet and exercise program. Natural supplements can be used also but won’t work if you don’t combine them with a healthy exercise routine and through bulk powders UK discount code bodybuilders can get lucrative deals on reliable and effective natural supplements.

A lot of our clients come to us asking what is the fastest way to build muscle and so we’ve come up with a few ideas to help you on your way.

When we think of muscle gaining, the first thing that comes to mind is hefty, veiny bodybuilders slathered with a ton of bronzer. However, everybody needs muscle to have a healthy mind and body. We need it for our bones, we need it for movement, we need it to hold weights and it makes us feel good. When you build muscle, you discover that you can do things that you thought you could do like doing a low squat or pushing an extra 20kg on the leg press.

Pushing harder and faster feels great when you’ve built muscle and it’s so easy to lose it when you’re not gaining any muscle. So what’s the fastest way to build muscle when you’re not gaining any? This can happen from the little lest things from where you place your feet or arms when lifting to the number of reps you’re pushing. Muscle doesn’t grow with just a few bicep curls. It takes an intense workout program to the point where you are feeling the burn and altering your eating habits.

If you’re frustrated about not gaining muscle but slogging away to the same old routine then follow ourtop tips to find the fastest way to build muscle that many trainers keep secret!FASTEST WAY TO BUILD MUSCLE? PROTEIN, PROTEIN, PROTEIN

One of the fastest ways to build muscle with any weight training program is to have a protein-rich diet. When you lift weights, your muscles effectively snap and when they repair themselves, they get bigger. Muscle tissue grows quickly in order to prepare themselves for physical stress so it’s important to lift beyond the burn to see results. Let’s go to the science part. Protein synthesis produces amino acids in order to “translate” to protein and repair cellular damage. Protein is essential for repairing broken muscle and increasing its size at the same time. If you’re wanting to build muscle quickly, then you’ll need to eat a lot of protein. And that doesn’t mean just any protein. This means eating a protein-rich diet of chicken, turkey, fish, or pulses to get the maximum return on your muscle size. I usually eat 20-30 grams of protein about every 2-3 hours just so that my muscles get enough nourishment and power for my workouts.

Protein means protein and lots of people think that they’re eating a lot but not seeing results. But are they following it? Believe it or not, protein comes in two types-complete and incomplete. Complete proteins provide the building blocks (amino acids) to build muscle whilst incomplete protein gives the opposite effect. The best “complete” protein comes from chicken, turkey, beef, fish, whey, and soy. Eating protein isn’t just confined to meat-eaters. There are plenty of protein-rich products such as lentils which are good alternatives for vegetarians.


Believe it or not, one of the fastest ways to build protein is to eat carbohydrates. Since the arrival of the Atkins diet, Carbohydrates has become a fear factor in diet. It’s hard to believe that 20 years ago that bread was the main staple to our diet, and now it’s something to be avoided. The truth is that we need carbohydrates to build muscle. Period. Carbohydrates are one of the fastest ways to build muscle next to protein-fact! They give you energy, stamina and help you push harder and faster in your workout until you feel done.

Carbohydrates can be split into 2 groups-complex (low GI) and non-complete (high GI) Non-complete carbohydrates usually contain carbohydrates that contain a lot of gluten and sugar such as white bread, pasta, white rice, chips, crisps, etc. Low GI, complex carbohydrates are foods such as quinoa, brown rice, whole grains, and vegetables. Complex carbohydrates are great because they make you feel fuller for longer and you don’t miss out on that carb feeling either. I couldn’t live without carbohydrates because they give me the energy to do my job and train at the same time.

One of the fastest ways to build muscle fast is to follow one simple rule-eat at least 2g of carb per pound of bodyweight a day. That might seem a lot on paper but if you’re serious about gaining muscle then you need to give yourself energy plus protein. Eating simple complex carbohydrates while turbocharging protein synthesis to create bigger and better muscle growth.


Free weights and fixed machines are an essential part of a bodybuilders muscle-building routine. My regime has been transformed by weights and there is so much you can do with them-especially with free weights. I prefer free weights because they don’t isolate too much on one muscle group nor give to strain. I feel stimulated and it’s a great physiological feeling that you’ve worked our legs well.

I’d always advise you to start with some simple barbell and dumbbell exercises and gradually increase the weight. You can incorporate them with balance improving techniques like squatting on a Bosu with an 8kg barbell in each hand. It is uncomfortable at first but as they say, no gain without the pain!


There are several ways to build muscle and my top fastest way to build muscle is….patience. Building muscle is like learning to walk again. You experience new things with your body that you’ve never seen before. Of course, come the mistakes but the more you persevere our top tips and have patience, the more you will succeed.