Feeling Lonely In A Relationship – Why So Alone?

Feeling lonely in a relationship is quite an unordinary emotion. This puts the person in a confusion and that is “why I am feeling so alone even I have someone with me?”. The reason may be different but most of the time it is not for good. One more problem with this kind of feeling is that you are not able to tell it to your partner, fearing what he/she will think, how he/she will react to it, what could be the consequences.

Its good if you haven’t told your lover yet about the feeling because at this time you too don’t know the reason for that emotion coming to your head then how will you answer to their questions, if put up. This feeling can ruin you relation, if it because of a valid reason then pinpoint it and if its only a consequence of over-thinking then you need to stop.

Here we are to point out the most common answers to your big WHYs. Why am I feeling so lonely in a relationship ? Try to relate yourself with the following reasons :-

1.) Are you being ignored :

Not only in a relationships, this alone feeling can arise in any relation if you are being ignored, be it a love relation, a family or friendship. If you think that your partner is ignoring you physically, mentally or emotionally then it is no surprise to feel alone.

If you think or feel that you are being ignored without any reason then it is high time to talk to your partner directly about the feeling. The lonely feeling of the girl and boy is eliminated when there is finding of the compatible partner. A visit can be made at https://twitter.com/LizWFB site to find the correct partner with the mutual feelings. The reasons for talking with the partner need to be strong to start a good conversation. It completely eliminates the lonely feeling. 

Everybody is not capable of handling and keeping their personal, love and professional life separate which in turn creates lag between people. This might be a reason with you too, if there is not much communication (may be because you are in a long distance relationship) between you both then it is natural to feel like this.

The good part in this situation is that it can be vanished off. Go to your partner/call your partner and politely address them the issue. If your partner understands you then it won’t create a mess at all rather he/she will try to give you some more time.

3.) Someone Else Has Interrupted In Between You Both :-

It is a universal law to get attracted and this law applies on humans too. It is not that your partner has ditched you and has given your place to someone else, that third person could be a new friend (opposite sex) of your partner. Since your lover has got a new person in her/his life so they both have a lot to talk and share, a new interest in life which can result their interest in you falling.

4.) Your Needs Are Not Getting Fulfilled :-

If your needs are not up to your expectations then this feeling is absolute to arise in your mind. May be your partner is unable to fulfill them or may be your needs are way too much to fulfill.

Sometime or most of the time when people are sad they start behaving weird, not giving attention to every single person in their life. You need to figure out if you partner is facing any kind of issues in their personal or professional life, ask them if something is wrong or if there is something they want to share. Once you get to know the cause then do understand your better half and don’t pick up the issue about the feeling you are getting because it is absolutely normal to behave like this in depression rather help them get over their issues and make them feel better.

6.) You Too May Be Depressed :-

Before thinking that your partner is not giving you much attention make sure you are perfectly okay with everything. Sometimes when we are sad, depressed or tensed then we start developing the thoughts which are not real but the result of our over thinking. Nobody is gonna tune into your mind and think of the reason for which you are not feeling good, you have to do this job and get over your personal issues and make yourself happy, you’ll find everyone with you after that.

7.) You Are Getting Judged :-

None of us would like to get judged every time. If you are constantly being judged by your partner regarding your thinking, looks, feelings etc then you may feel lonely because you are being forced to accept that you are exactly the way your partner thinks which is not so. In short when your better half starts becoming judgmental regarding you then it is the time you’ll feel lonely for sure.

8.) You Are Not Being Understood :-

If someone else takes out some other meaning of what you say then you may feel alone and sometimes even develop a thought like this – “I’m not gonna tell or say anything to you from now”. Every person demands to be understood, your partner too.

Feeling lonely in a relationship is not a new thing, almost every couple go through this phase at least once. If you are feeling lonely at some point then it does not means that your relationship is at the verge of end or you should break up with your partner. The issues can be resolved with love, talk to your better half and try to get over this.