Free Quiz- Teenage Fantasy for Learning Process

While some people might scoff at the title of this article, the intellectual folks will definitely find this piece worth reading because they genuinely want to learn more and more about newer topics that have come out in recent times.

Today’s generation is pretty sharp in picking up new things in a flash and a big credit has to go to social media that now has many platforms where you can learn new stuff not to mention online courses through which you can broaden the horizon of your mind in a way that it becomes a mine full of information.

In this article we are going to talk about some important quiz questions that small children, teenagers and adolescents go through because you can learn many things through current affairs and it is important to keep track of what all is going on in the world through news channels and digital medium.

Brief Study

Now setting up a list of quiz questions can become nerve wracking because the topics are so vast that it is difficult to decide which one to choose among the lot but since it involves kids, it will mostly be about entertainment, music, current affairs, art, literature, etc. to name a few.

It matters from person to person as to how quick he is in grasping the topics because each one has his/her own grasping power where some people are slow learners while others do it easily.

This is not to indicate that slow learners are novices or inferior to the fast learners but just that everyone learns it at the right time so while taking a quiz, the kids have to be in their comfort zone while questioning them.

Kids that are weak need to be helped out with care because they suffer from lack of confidence and a big reason for that is that is the intimidating nature of most teachers that tend to become too harsh on them if they are not able to grasp things quickly.

This contributes to the child’s poor performance that further breaks his confidence and starts the downward spiral in his life but asking them regular quiz questions would help enhance their brainpower in a big way so that they perform well in their tests in school.

Fun Filled Questions

To handle the situation, you can start by gently asking the child on what his favorite topic is and then accordingly list out down a few quiz questions pertaining to it so as to create a comfort level for him and then he can answer them correctly.

This would be of great help like it would boost his confidence in the initial stages and then he would become used to this pattern in the future and this would pique his interest to learn about new topics from time to time.

Questions like where is the statue of liberty located or give the names of any 10 us presidents of USA are some that instantly come to mind regarding current affairs where you can do the same with other topics too so that it becomes a personality quiz of sorts that would enhance the kid’s credentials.