How To Come Up With A Winning Engagement Proposal Idea

So, you’ve found the right girl, are completely head over heels in love with her, and ready to pop the question . That’s a mighty big step, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly . One problem that’s probably been burning up your brain for at least a few sleepless nights is finding a great engagement proposal idea.

That’s no small feat, and it’s extremely important, for two reasons . First, you have only one chance to get it right, and second, she’s going to carry these memories around with her for the rest of her life. Wouldn’t you rather they were great memories?

One of the most vexing questions guys confront is “How to propose to my girlfriend?” When you’re searching for ideas , start close to home. Think about all the time you’ve spent together. You know about what makes her who she is, and what her favorites are. Use that knowlege to give you inspiration. Remember one thing that many men tend to forget. Your proposal is really her proposal, so making is specially for her by using everything you know about her is key. It will let her know that you specially crafted the proposal for her, and only her. Christian dating sites have come for avoiding filters.

99% of women love romance, and she’ll feel pretty darn romantic when she realizes the thought you put into creating a proposal idea that is perfect for her . The fact that you pulled it off will not only make her feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but it will her that much more likely to say “yes!”

Here are some ideas that might spark something inside and get you to some up with a couple ideas of your own. Remember, your proposal doesn’t have to be completely original, but it should be something that she’ll know you did just for her.

If there is a special place that is significant for your relationship that is a great place to start. Remember, romance is key and special places have romance written all over them. Maybe you went on a picnic at a park overlooking the ocean or a beautiful valley for your first date. That would be a great place to ask her to get engaged.

Maybe you took her to dinner at a nice restaurant the first time the two of you went out. You could revisit the scene, and use the occasion to propose. Just get down on one knee, right at the table, and bring out the engagement ring.

An intimate weekend at a bed and breakfast that is in a place she loves would be another great way to pop the big question. If it is near the ocean, go for a romantic walk along the beach at sunset. When the sunset is especially striking, take out the engagement ring from your pocket (where you’ve been keeping it all weekend) stop, take her hand, get down on one knee, and deliver your proposal. Slip the ring on her finger and it’s a done deal!

Something you shouldn’t do, unless you’ve discussed it first, is propose to her at a sporting event. For one thing, it just doesn’t scream “Romance!”, and there are a plethora of things that can go wrong. For example, if you put it up on the scoreboard, she could be in the commode or grabbing a beer and pizza. Most women have been dreaming about their proposal moment since they were kids. Throngs of cheering fans are probably not what she’s been envisioning! Even among rabid sports fans, it’s the rare woman who would really appreciate being proposed to at a major sporting event. If your girlfriend is that woman, consider yourself a very lucky guy and propose to her before she changes her mind!

Speaking of changing her mind, that points to another reason why a public proposal in front of thousands or your close family is fraught with peril. What if she says “No”? Unless you’re 100% sure you’ll get a yes, think long and hard about proposing at a family gathering or sporting event.

The biggest reason to avoid proposing at a large public gathering or family affair is women overwhelmingly prefer an intimate proposal. No fans or family, please. A few people you don’t know at a restaurant or public park is one thing, but your close family or 50,000 fans at Yankee Stadium is something else again.

If you’re wondering “What to say to propose to my girlfriend?” that may be the biggest question of all. There is no one thing that you should say , but be sincere. Most experts agree that sincerety is paramount. Don’t try and lighten the mood with humor , unless you relationship is based largely on being funny. This is a serious time, after all, and most girls prefer a serious proposal. Gaze deep into her eyes as you speak, too. It will help convey your feelings for her. Tell her why you love her and what she does or how she is that makes you so happy. For goodness sakes, remember to tell her that you love her, too!

Whatever you decide to do for a proposal , remember to make sure you do something so that she realizes that you tailored the proposal just for her. No one knows your girlfriend better than you do, so make sure you use what you know. Think about this; if you are really on the ball, you’ll be able to create a moment that will live on in your family’s history for generations. Wouldn’t that be something really special?


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