How To Mend A Relationship Emotional Baggage

Emotional baggage is a person’s past experiences from his/her previous relationships. Bringing in emotional disappointments, hurts, trauma and wrongs into your present relationship will cause lots of misery. Your bad emotional experiences from your past relationships will somehow affect your present relationship negatively if it is not handled properly. Learning how to mend a relationship by handling past emotional baggage is the utmost important to ensure a healthy and harmonious relationship. The handling of the relationship should be with the skills and intelligence of the people. The maintenance of the healthy relationship is possible for the people. The collection of the details about the apps from mensjournal is beneficial for the individuals.

In order to handle your emotional baggage, lots of understanding and patience are required from your partner. Probably, emotional baggage has a deeply rooted history and has already caused irreparable emotional damage. However, it is not impossible to control emotional baggage if both of you are determined to learn how to mend a relationship with the following 5 amazing secrets.

If you are still in love with your ex, this could stop you from finding your happiness in the present relationship. You need to accept that your previous relationship is already over and that it would be impossible to rekindle that romance. Learning to let go of your ex is the key to starting a new and happy relationship.

Stop comparing your current partner to your ex. They are two different people with their own unique personality. Instead, look at the positive qualities your present partner has that your ex does not possess. This will make you more satisfied, contented and happy individual.

People with emotional baggage often show the following characteristics. Try observing yourself. Are you perfectly delightful one moment and then suddenly becomes cold and unreachable without any apparent reason? Do you say things that you never mean to follow through? An example of this would be planning for the future or promising to change your behavior for the benefit of the relationship but never follow through. These are recurring patterns of behavior that one must avoid.

Self-doubt is another common sign that you would experience. You would often project this as distrust and suspiciousness towards your partner. Another is faultfinding. This behavior is often baseless and not healthy because this makes you and partner both defensive and wary of each other. Often times this makes you paranoid, too clingy and needy. Handle your baggage by asking yourself why you are acting this way. Although you may be acting this way because of your past experience, you still need to be reasonable. Do not make accusations without a solid proof of evidence.

When you condition your brain into thinking the worse, you are sabotaging your relationship. Examples of this could be thinking that all men/women are cheaters and they are just out to get sex. Perhaps you were involved with cheaters in the past but do not generalize all people. There are still decent men/women out there and maybe your partner is one of them. Do not let your prejudice cloud your judgment. This kind of attitude will make you jealous and suspicious. Often times, this will lead you to trespass on your partner’s privacy just to find an evidence to incriminate him or her. If your partner does not understand the reasons behind your actions, then this kind of behavior may drive your partner away.

Any unresolved emotional baggage is bound to be an emotional roller coaster ride for both of you. Sooner or later, one would like to get off from this ride. Do not allow it to reach to this stage. Instead, be open about your emotional baggage and its possible causes. Express to your partner of your intention to resolve your emotional baggage issue that is negatively affecting your relationship. Seek your partner’s understanding and cooperation. Ask your partner to help you through this challenging healing journey. With determination, patience and effort, both of you will successfully discover ways on how to mend a relationship that is suffering from emotional baggage effectively.