Kitchen Appliance- Gas Stove for Cooking Scrumptious Delicacies

 While the new age technology has reduced manual labor to a great extent, it goes without saying that it has its fair share of benefits and shortcomings that need to be looked into and this is a fact that such discussions help in understanding the concept better.

Typically, a man is considered an office servant that has to move out of the house and slog it in the office from morning to night to earn a living for the sake of his family while the woman is the domestic servant that has to take care of the house and manage all the chores, which she does to perfection.

The entire nation is under the Covid-19 spell due to which there has been a nationwide lockdown since the past six months to prevent the disease from spreading further and as a result, everyone is confined to their homes, which has provided an opportunity for men to try out something new for themselves.

Studying the Aesthetics

Sometimes, we are too preoccupied with our lives to be bothered about anything else which is why there is no dearth to various problems involved which is divided equally between the family members so that no one can shoulder the entire burden.

It can be argued different times on who has the greater contribution between the two but it goes without saying that women have the greater contribution as the old saying goes ‘behind every successful man there is a woman’ and they have been termed as the ‘kitchen queen’.

Speaking of kitchen, it is the housewives that have always held fort at the helm while the men are mere guests in their own house as they spent most of their day in office and come back very late at night.

This is the reason why the woman folk should be considered the queen of their game but current times have turned the tides as men too are no longer strangers to the kitchen and are experts in cooking the choicest delicacies with ease which requires the best gas stoves to make the job easier.

The aesthetic beauty of a gas stove is one where you can cook different items with a unique synergy where the hands work at the speed of a car so therefore, let’s look at the best stoves to have come out in 2020.


  1. Lifelong 3 Gas Burner Stove- Most people prefer pots and pans for gas stoves but this is a good alternative to start out with as it has a strong glass top that cannot be broken easily with the knobs being easy to ignite by turning
  2. Prestige GTJ- It is quite tough with a strong glass top with 3 brass burners where 3 different utensils can be used for preparing food
  3. Amazon Brand- Again, this contains brass burners but this one has only 2 but they are positioned on the opposite sides so that the dishes can be cooked simultaneously and the surface can be cleaned easily with a spill proof mechanism