Pikmin 2: Increase thinking power with Puzzles

When the GameCube first came out, I was glad to see Nintendo had actually decided to make a new system. As I looked over the titles, there were a few that seemed interesting, but one really caught my eye. This unique title was Pikmin. I found it rather interesting being able to play the role of Captain Olimar, whose spaceship crashed on a strange planet, throwing parts of his ship in all directions. I soon found out that my mission was to work with strange little creatures called Pikmin, who would help me in gathering the missing parts. There was some definite strategy in using your Pikmin. There are three different colors, each with their own strength and weakness, but they had to work together to solve various puzzles. Very original with only one problem: strict time limits.

Nearly three years has passed, and now the fans have received Pikmin 2. A little different storyline, to be exact, as Captain Olimar has returned to his home planet to discover his company has gone bankrupt. He brought back with him a little souvenir, a bottle cap that proves to be a very valuable and fortunate artifact. So he grabs his junior employee, Louie, to travel with him, as the plan is to return to the Pikmin planet and help bail the company out of debt. Solving of the puzzles is a mind and computer game for the people. Along with it, different games are made available to the people. Game download for free option should be made available to the players to enhance the playing experience. The strength and weakness should be in the notice of the players. 

If you played the first Pikmin, the gameplay is almost the same. You direct Olimar and Pikmin towards valuable relics and treasures, which can be exchanged for cash. You must lead your groups of Pikmin to break down walls, build bridges and have them carry the objects back to the ship, where they are instantly exchanged for cash. As stated earlier, each Pikmin color has a unique ability. Red Pikmin are the fastest and strongest, and are also immune to fire. Yellow Pikmin can be thrown to high places, and are immune to electricity. The blue Pikmin are immune to water. An addition to the game is two new colors of Pikmin, which are purple and white. Purple Pikmin are 10 times as strong as all other Pikmin, while the white ones can dig and are immune to poison.

This is important, due to the fact that if a monster ingests them, the monster dies. For fans of the first Pikmin, one thing most noticeable is the disappearance of the time limit. The game is still divided into days, and teams need to quit working every night at sunset in order to avoid nocturnal monsters. Working at a calm steady pace is your option, because the money does not have to be recovered in a specific number of days. One option available to you is being able to split Olimar and Louie up, meaning that two projects can be worked on at one time. You can also divide the Pikmin into a large group, by color, to get something done. This can be a feat on its own, because if you whistle for a certain group, you will also summon other Pikmin not needed. It doesn€™t help that Pikmin are lacking in the common sense department.