The Best Credit Cards To Use As EZ Link Card

Did you know that you can use credit cards as your EZ Link card? By doing so, you can earn rebates, cashbacks, take advantage of customized ez link card price and other rewards while still being able to use EZ Link for public transport payments. By doing this, you won’t even have to bring your EZ link card with you.

If you want to take advantage of this setup, be sure to read further below to discover the best credit cards to use as an EZ link card. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. DBS Live Fresh Card

DBS Live Fresh Card is an excellent card for tech savvy users that prefers to use contactless or online payments as their main mode of payment. DBS Live Fresh Card holders will acquire 5 percent rebate for payments made via contactless or online modes. However, you need to spend S$600 first as well as a 0.3 percent on basic spend before you can take advantage of the 5 percent rebate. Generally, those that are fine with making use of mobile or online wallets can certainly save money with their transactions with an upper limit of S$60 per month. 

Additionally, DBS Live Fresh Card supports EZ Link features, which means that aside from contactless and online payments, you can also pay your transportation expenses with it. Lastly, DBS Live Fresh Card is a superb choice for easy and portable transactions.

Aside from the 5 percent rebate on online and contactless transactions, this card features an annual fee of S$128.4 with 12 months fee waiver. Other features include EZ link and SimplyGo integration.

  1. OCBC Frank Card 

The younger generation who spends much of their time and resources on online entertainment like Netflix, video games, online shopping, etc will surely find OCBC Frank Card interesting. This credit card is unique because of its reduced minimum prerequisite of only S$600 offline expenditures, after which you can take advantage of cashback capped at 6 percent on online, contactless, and FX transactions. For people with a high budget, the S$600 requirement is can be easily attainable. Other purchases made on the card that doesn’t belong to the categories already mentioned above get a 0.3 percent cash back instead.

The annual fee for this card is S$80.0, which is waived for the first 2 years. Subsequently, fees will be waived in the following years by spending S$10,000 annually. Other features include SimplyGo integration and the ability to earn a maximum of S$75 in rebates every month. With these features, OCBC Frank Card is an outstanding choice for the younger generation that needs a credit card with EZ link functionality.

  1. POSB Everyday Card

POSB Everyday Card has already removed their functionality with EZ Link, however, owners of this credit card can still pay for public transport by using SimplyGo. As such, the function of EZ link is still there, which earned this card a spot in this list. This card features 15 percent cash back on online shopping, bills payment, etc.