The Complete Guide To What Skunks Eat

Skunks are very popular because of their method of protecting themselves. They use skunk spray that keeps any living being far from them. When it comes to eating habits, they mainly focus on small size animals or insects. Skunks are very small, so they have to protect themselves while planning for their next food. Skunks engage in eating animals or insects. When they do not get any of it, they can also stay alive on plants or other materials. People curious about skunks and other kinds of animals and their lifestyle can visit Woods Man Report website. This website provides complete information about different animals, which is a treat for animal lovers.

Skunks mainly find small insects or animals to feed their stomach. The unavailability of their favorite food compels them to find something else to eat. They are not picky when it comes to their food. Following are the things that skunks eat:

  • In the case of animals

They mostly keep their eyes on small animals that are not a threat to their life. Along with their food, they also have to keep protect their life. This is why they target small animals and reptiles. The availability of animals affects their eating habit in winters. Except for winters, they mainly engage in eating animals and insects. Skunks prefer to eat mice, moles, and rats. The size of the animal is very important for skunks. They will target everything smaller than their size. They also eat lizards, water snakes, frogs. As birds are hard to catch, they do not have much history with birds, but they are sure to eat chicken. Apart from chickens, they also eat chicken eggs to feed their stomach. Skunks prefer small insects like worms, bugs, and crickets. Mother skunks teach the most important insect for skunks called honeybees to prey on them.

  • What do skunks eat in plants?

Even though skunks are mainly fond of eating animals, they settle for plants according to the season. During winters, fewer animals are seen outside, making it hard for skunks to feed their stomach through animals. The food option for skunks comes down to availability. The winter season is the only time when animals are hard to find, and skunks have to hunt other ways of eating. When they are not getting their priority food, animals, or insects, they instantly find the alternative. They do not stick to one kind of food. As a replacement for animals and insects, many plants that skunks eat to satisfy their hunger. Green vegetables excite skunks. They love different kinds of nuts, which can be easily found in forests or dense areas. Some berries are also preferred by skunks, which are found in the winter season only. Skunks will eat anything related to plants when they are hungry. They even eat roots and leaves when they do not find fruits or vegetables.

  • What is eaten by skunks other than animals and plants?

Skunks’ nature is very easygoing and can settle for anything when they do not have an option. Sometimes, it isn’t easy to find any animal or plant. Skunks have a plan because they can act perfectly when food is scarce. The season which makes things difficult for skunks is winter because they have to handle the cold temperature and find survival food. Unlike other animals, skunks do not hibernate when the season changes, so they have to look for places where they can find food. The best place to get food when there is no other option is garbage. They can get their hands on leftovers or rodents who mostly live in or near dumpsters.

Skunks have a habit of eating any food available to them. This is why they eat leaves and roots in the absence of any fruit or nuts nearby. When skunks live near city places, they find more food for cats or dogs for human or animal food. They can easily feed on animal food as long as they do not find any small animal or reptile to feed on. Whether it is an animal, plants, or anything eatable, skunks do not hesitate to eat anything to feel themselves.