The Two Sides of The Slice Toaster

Having a slice toaster at home provides you a lot of benefits. It allows you to cook wide variety of sizes and shapes of artisan pieces of bread with convenience. Since we are now living in a modern world, we no longer have to toast bread crumps for our breakfast using the traditional way of toasting it in a pan with roasting old. However, just like a coin with two sides, there are also disadvantages of using slice toaster. In this article, we will go through the advantages and disadvantages of using slice toaster at home. 

Easy to handle

Apart from the fact that slice toasters are attractive and do have esthetic appearance, they are also very easy to handle. Most of the toaster slicers that you can find in the market are 1.5 inches or more, hence, it will be easier for you to handle thick pieces of bread such as English muffins, sourdough, handle bagels and so many more. This is also the reason why slice toasters are widely used all around the globe. It is very easy to use, handle and at the same time, it is very convenient to use.

Flexible cooking

Another benefits of using slice toaster is flexible cooking. Usually, slice toasters have wide slots which makes it possible for users to have a hassle-free positioning of pieces of bread inside the lever. But if you want to extract small slices, you may opt to use high lift level to get in easily extracted. In addition, when the breads are cooked already, you just have to raise the smaller bread items out of the toaster and you can already have your bread ready to eat. 


Generally, most of the slice toasters that you can use in the market are a bit expensive compared to traditional pan and oven. But the reason for its expensive price is because it comes with a lot of features. So if you are looking for an appliance that can give you wide variety of features, benefits and convenience, slice toaster is the best deal for you. However, you need to be very careful when choosing the right brand. There are lots of brands in the market and surely, you will find it daunting to choose the right brand. But you have to consider your preference, requirements and budget when choosing slice toaster.

Electricity Bill

Another disadvantage of using slice toaster is that it will increase your electricity bill. Slice toasters use electricity for it to function. So if you are fond of toasted bread in the morning or even in the afternoon, using slice toaster will certainly increase the cost of your electricity bill. In addition, slice toasters can be harmful and dangerous if you don’t handle it properly.  Thus, before using the device, you have to be very careful. You should read first the manual of the appliance before using it to ensure your safety.For more information, you can visit this page.