Tips How to use calcium for weight loss

The health benefits of calcium are more than most people recognize. Sure calcium is good for strong bones and teeth as it prevents osteoporosis. It is also essential to a healthy weight loss program, reduces the risk of heart disease, fights certain cancers, and even reduces mood swings during PMS. Calcium has so many health benefits that are essential to our body that we can not ignore it in our healthy diet and nutritional vitamin supplements.

Calcium and a Healthy Weight Loss Program.

The recommended daily allowance of calcium is 1000mg. This is necessary for our bodies to recognize that we are getting enough calcium in our system. Otherwise, we release hormones that promote the production of fat and make it harder to convert the fat we consume to energy. This happens because our bodies think they are starving. This is one reason why people who exercise regularly and take diet pills do not lose weight. Even when they eat less. Our body goes into starvation mode when we do not get the requisite amount of vitamins and minerals it requires like calcium.

Calcium and a Healthy Heart.

An adequate supply of calcium helps your muscles work properly. The heart is a muscle. All muscles work by contracting and relaxing. When we have a shortage of calcium the hormones the body releases react to the muscle walls of the arteries and cause an elevation of blood pressure. It is thought that not enough calcium has as great an effect on our blood pressure as too much sodium. As such a natural way to lower blood pressure is to reduce the intake of sodium and to eat more foods that are low in fat yet rich in calcium. My favorites would be collard greens or broccoli.

Calcium Fights Depression and Mood Swings.

The hormones released when we do not get enough calcium are at it again. When we lack calcium in our system it can affect our emotional state as well as our physical state. Lack of calcium is been found to be a contributing factor for severe premenstrual syndrome mood swings. This is because during menstruation women release calcium and other necessary vitamin and minerals. A simple nutritional vitamin supplement of calcium was found to dramatically eliminate the depression and mood swings of most women during PMS. This is when the calcium is lowest in the body. So we can say that people who get enough calcium generally have pleasing personalities. OK, that might be stretching it a little, but not much.

Calcium Helps Prevent Cancer.

Researchers do not know why this phenomenon is, but it seems that people who have an abundance of calcium tend to not develop polyps that could turn cancerous. It is thought that when the excess calcium binds with cancer promoters in the colon and they are eliminated together reducing the risk of colon cancer. More reason for a high fiber low-fat diet rich in calcium. Researchers have found this effect to be the same with nutritional vitamin supplements as well as a calcium-rich diet.

Calcium for Healthy Bones and Teeth.

Your mouth may be the first sign of pending osteoporosis. When your body does not get enough calcium it draws it from the bones and your jawbone and teeth are the first to show it. Therefore, calcium is important for everyone, especially young children, women who menstruate, seniors, and those of us who want to lose weight. To prevent the weakening of your bones and poor dental hygiene it is imperative that we get enough calcium. Whether through diet or nutritional vitamin supplements.

Besides calcium, PhenQ is excellent for your healthy weight loss program. Eat a healthy low fat, high fiber calcium-rich diet and supplement your diet with this natural nutritional vitamin supplement to get the best results.