Video proc Youtube Converter: 5 Features That Makes It Popular

Want to download Youtube videos but don’t know where to start? Well, then the VideoProc is the one to try. Watching videos on Youtube is something everybody enjoys. However, to watch the videos, one will have to use their internet connection at all times. What if one wants to download the videos of high quality into the device for future watches? Well, it is become crucial to choose a video converter. But, many in the market convert Youtube videos into formats that can be run on PCs. One of the best ones that anybody can pick is VideoProc. This software allows downloading the videos in 4K quality and editing the video if need be. Some of the features that make this software high in demand are:

Download quality

One of the best things about VideoProc is that it allows the user to download videos of varying quality. One may want to download videos of the highest quality, or sometimes one may want to download videos of lower quality. Whether one’s internet is fast or slow, one can choose the video quality before converting the video. The process is straightforward. Paste the URL of the video on the software, after which the links get analyzed. After this, click on the “show all button,” which shows all the video qualities the video can be downloaded in, choose and click on convert.

Video formats

One may want their video to be in MP4 or WebM format. The best thing about VideoProc Youtube to MP4 converter is that one can choose the video format they want their video to be in., paste the video link in the link box. After the link is processed, the list of possible formats is listed to choose from. Usually, the videos can be downloaded in MP3, MP4, M4A, and WebM format. One can also set a default video format for their device not to choose the format again and again before downloading every simple video.

Download playlists

Another fun and useful feature of VideoProc is that it can easily download the playlists on Youtube. Many people like to collect videos in their playlists so that they can re-watch again and again. With VideoProc, one can easily download these playlists offline and watch them on any device as per their wish. The process is similar, as one will have to paste the playlist link to the box and then choose to download the entire playlist or some videos from the playlist. The downloading time can differ based on internet speed and the number of videos in the playlist.

Extract audio

One can easily extract the audio from the YouTube videos using VideoProc. This way, one can listen to songs, podcasts, or audios on their phones and other devices. Therefore, there will be no requirement to download the entire video, taking up more storage space. One will have to choose the ‘add music’ option, then paste the URL. After this, please choose the format of the audio file and download it.

Editing tool

Another major feature that VideoProc provides is the editing tool. Using VideoProc, one can edit their downloaded video as per their wish. One can download the video and then start with the enhancement and editing of the video. One can add a watermark, add subtitles, trim and cut the video and even add effects.

VideoProc is one of the most leading video converters that one can use to download the videos whenever they want. It is simple and easy to use. The best thing is that there are many features and tools that one can easily use. One can download videos, edit them, and even turn them into audio files.