Weight Loss Motivation And Exercise

We all know physical exercise benefits us in many ways. Read this page in case you are still searching for a very good reason to begin and then even more reasons to continue.

Is this you? Do you…

Buy the next ‘best thing’ in exercise DVDs. Watch them through a couple of times then put them with all the others to begin later…

Join the gym, buying the full year’s subscription; reasoning that it will encourage you to attend regularly. Start with enthusiasm, going twice a week and telling everyone. Then you begin to find reasons (in your mind) that you can’t go…

Decide to train for the next big city Marathon. Jog to work twice a week. Then decide that you don’t have enough time to do the training. So back to the car…

Buy a Wii-Fit, try it once, and put it back in the box for next week…

You are not alone – motivation is a problem for a lot of people but especially those trying to lose weight and improve their health. Lots of people begin their ‘health’ regime with the very best of intentions but gradually the enthusiasm wanes and it’s back to the sofa and a big bag of chips.

We know that regular exercise greatly benefits our health. It strengthens the bones, cartilage, spinal column, nervous system, muscles, and joints.

We know that exercise is a great way to help reduce risks of strokes, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. We also know that we will feel better about ourselves when we’ve managed to lose some of the facts that we’ve built up over the years.

Remember, fat is like wearing a jacket – to see the body properly, first you have to take it off!

What most of us lack is the motivation to sustain a regular exercise plan.

5 Ways to Sustain the Good Intentions

  1. Measure and weigh yourself before you begin your new routine.
  2. Get your children, best friend, or partner involved or all of them. You’re doing something that will be good for everyone so you can motivate each other.
  3. Choose something FUN to do. Try 20 minutes of football in the park, power walking (who cares if you look silly – wiggle that behind), cycling, or, in bad weather get out that Wii-Fit and have some fun.
  4. Set your exercise for a regular time each week or day or whatever. If your children are involved, you can be sure they will not let you get out of your activity.
  5. Only weigh yourself once a fortnight or, even better, once a month. Throw out the bathroom scales to avoid the temptation.

Each has a turn at deciding what activities to do and has a go at anything that is suggested, even if the kids want to play skipping or chasing as long as it involves some physical exercise you will reap the benefits – I guarantee it!