Weight Loss Surgery What Are The Options

Excessive weight is a huge health risk. Not only can it decrease your quality of life, but if you are very heavy it may shorten the length of your life. That’s why many people are turning to weight loss surgery. If you have though about this, you may want to know what some of your options are – this article will tell you.

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Losing weight can save your life. Many people, each and every day, visit their doctors and hear that they must lose weight or they may die an early death. That’s because being significantly overweight puts you at risk of many, many illnesses – including diabetes, heart disease and cancer. One of the options that you have is weight loss surgery.

Of course, weight loss surgery should be used only as a complete last resort. If you are not significantly overweight, then surgery should not even be anywhere near an option for you. If you are less than 75 pounds over weight, then there are tons of ways that you can lose those extra pounds in a healthy way. Start out with diet and exercise, then tweak your diet plan and your exercise routine so you can maintain it over the long run. You can lose 20 pounds in just a few months.

However, for those of us who are more than 75 pounds overweight, it can be very difficult to get into an exercise routine. A body that is carrying that much extra weight just may not be able to do the amount of exercise that is needed. That’s when weight loss surgery becomes an option. So, what are the different kinds of surgery that you could choose?

Gastric Bypass

This is the surgery where the stomach is ’stapled’. Your surgeon will actually make your stomach temporarily smaller. This means that you will feel full and satisfied with less food. It’s a great way to lose weight. Although, this is a pretty invasive surgery and most doctors will only allow you to got through this kind of surgery if you are significantly overweight – as in more than 80 pounds higher than the healthy weight for your height.

However, this is a good choice if your weight is at a level that is immanently dangerous to your health. In these circumstances, someone who is less than 80 pounds overweight may be able to have this type of surgery.

Lap Band

This is a newer approach to surgery that has been gaining a lot of popularity later. It is similar but different than gastric bypass. The main difference is that your stomach is not stapled, but an adjustable band is wrapped around part of it. That means that it can be removed easily and it can also be adjusted over time.

You can have a lap band weight loss surgery done for less than gastric bypass. The risks are slightly less serious as well. That is why this type of surgery is gaining much popularity with people all over the United States.

Before you consider any type of weight loss surgery, you need to speak with your doctor. This type of procedure is not right for everyone. Even if you are obese and really in need of a procedure, there may be other health reasons that your doctor would rather have you take a different course.