What Are The Different Types Of Wallets For Men?

Wallets are among the most valuable accessory that a person can have. Mainly used for carrying cash, wallets can also hold your IDs, cards, passports, and other important documents. In this article, we will discuss some of the different types of wallets for men. Without further ado, let’s start:

1. The Bifold Wallet

Also known as the billfold, the bi-fold wallet is perhaps the most widely used wallet type in the world for men. Bifold wallets only have two folds, which means that they often qualify as a thin wallet since it is only folded once. The bifold wallet features a single main pocket for the storage of paper currency, and it also contains multiple slots for your other cards and belongings that may fit.

Other designs of bifold wallets include photo and document storage, and even coins. Generally made from leather, bifold wallets are also available in plastic, nylon, and other materials.

2. The Trifold Wallet

If bifold wallets are folded into two parts, trifold wallets are folded into three parts. Because of this, trifold wallets tend to be more thicker than bifold wallets. Bifolds can also accommodate more cards and other documents because of the way it folds.

Having said that, it can also take less space since the wallet will have a smaller frame since it is folded thrice. Choosing between trifold and bifold wallet essentially boils down to your preference – do you want a thinner but bigger wallet, or a smaller but thicker wallet?

3. The Credit Card Holder Wallet

Credit card holder wallet types have turned into a very popular option with a lot of men today, especially with the prevalence of banking and cashless systems. Normally produced from leather, Credit card holder wallets are sized in the same measurements as a credit card. A credit card holder wallet does not contain any compartment for paper money or coins. Having said that, a credit card holder wallet has a lot of room to spare for credit cards, passports, IDs, and other similarly shaped documents.

Credit cardholders do the job effectively should you be looking to reduce the space that normal trifold or bifold wallets taof in your pocket. Because of their small profile, they are a very modern choice for modern people since they virtually have space only for cards. This small size means that they are targeted less by thieves too. Because of the small size of credit card holder wallets, they can fit anywhere you want. They can even fit in your polo’s front pockets, or in the side pocket of your suit.

If you are trying to transition to cashless forms of payment or you have already made the switch, you will surely find a credit card holder wallet type interesting.

4. The Minimalist Wallet

Minimalist wallets incorporate the most interesting highlights of credit card holders and regular wallets, and combine them in a single design. The result is a contemporary wallet that has useful applications while not being too bulky.

Possessing an extremely thin wallet that is effortless to place in your front pocket or even your back pocket is really handy. This is especially true if you have an active lifestyle that requires you to have a lot of outdoor activities where a bulky wallet would be a nuisance.

A minimalistic wallet have the space for a single pen, some cards and IDs, and a number of paper money. These are some of the most important things that you need to carry every day, and a minimalistic wallet have them all while still maintaining a small profile.