What Exactly Are You Paying For With A Digital Marketing Consultant

When you hire someone you want to know what you’re getting, right? I know I do. You don’t want to call the plumber, have him/her lock you out of your house for an hour, then be allowed back in only if you agree to pay $1500 without asking too many questions, right? So why would you hire a digital marketing consultant without really understanding what their service is and how it’s valuable to you? You wouldn’t!

There’s a misconception going around that any young person can build a website and do social media. Where this is kind of true, it’s unlikely that every young person can build a website that strategically attracts new business or social media profiles optimized to generate leads. And I think you’ll agree that there’s a difference between just showing up and showing up with purpose, right?

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Consider this:

If you were looking for a cosmetic dentist in Orange County, you might start with a Google search, right? Do you think the dentists whose sites come up first in search results were built by their teenage nephews? (It’s unlikely.)

If you were looking for a lawyer to help you with an employment dispute, you’d probably feel better if their website wasn’t just a free blog, right?

When you’re looking at a real estate agent’s Facebook page, it makes you wonder whether they’re still in business if they haven’t updated it in two years, right?

Digital marketing consultants make sure that the money you’re spending on being online is an investment that generates a return—not just an obligatory membership fee you pay to be a businessperson. Hiring a digital marketing consultant should:


You’re busy! You have a business to run! Do you really want to have to manage all of the updates to your social media profiles or do all the troubleshooting if your website breaks down? These are the kinds of things you should be delegating to someone you can trust.


If you’ve chosen a profession that doesn’t require you to sit at a desk, looking at a computer screen all day, you shouldn’t tie yourself to your monitor because you need to keep tabs on what people are saying about you on Yelp or publish another blog post. You can hire someone to do that for you—and to do it strategically.


I’m guessing it would be cheaper to go to your teenage niece for a massage than to schedule a visit to a chiropractor, or that your college-age son or daughter would be cheaper to work with than the average CPA, but are these areas where cutting costs by asking an eager young person to step in would make you feel comfortable? Probably not. A digital marketing consultant is responsible for knowing the nuances of their craft—what changes Google has made to their search algorithm that are affecting your search ranking, how to design a Facebook ad that consistently generates clicks, what your website needs to do to close deals for you. You’re paying for EXPERTISE, and you should see the value of that.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably an expert in your own field. How would it feel to hear that someone believed their fresh-from-high school neighbor could probably do your job at a bargain rate? If you’re a doctor or a real estate agent or a lawyer or a CPA, you probably never hear that—but if you’re a digital marketing consultant you hear it every day. And here’s the thing, young people are great. Young people have grown up with social media, and for most of them it’s a native skill. And if your major goal is to SAVE money at any cost, going for the least expensive option makes sense. But if what you want is an online presence that MAKES money, that’s where you’ll see a real value in hiring an expert.