What Mattress Is Best For Your Body Type

There are four basic types of mattresses and not one size fits all. Choosing the right mattress can make a huge difference in a proper night of rest and proper body alignment. With so many options on mattresses these days, how do you choose?

Some say it’s all in the hips

If your hips are wider than your waist, a softer mattress can accommodate the width of your pelvis and allow your spine to remain neutral. If your hips and waist are in a relatively straight line, a more rigid surface offers better support.

There are other factors to consider, such as:

If you’re a smaller or lightweight sleeper

If you tend to lean more towards the thin side, a softer mattress is the way to go. Choosing a mattress that is too firm can lead to shoulder pain, and you’ll want a soft mattress to help your body sink in to ensure good spine alignment.

Best mattress for heavy sleepers

If you weigh more than 230 pounds, you’ll want a thick mattress to help alleviate back problems or too much sinkage. Choose something with high-density foam, which is especially good for side and stomach sleepers. For those of you who get too hot while sleeping, consider the cooler hybrid mattress.

Best mattress for senior citizens

As we grow older, our body changes – and so do our mattress requirements. A well-chosen mattress can prevent a lot of unpleasant conditions and help ease joint tension or pain in your back, shoulders, hips or neck. Adjustable mattresses, for example, can be very helpful for elderly seniors so they can adjust to the issues they are having and have additional support for the lower back. It can help alleviate pressure in that area and other parts of the body.

When choosing a mattress for elderly seniors, a great option is the memory foam mattress. It has prominent contouring capabilities which will impact pressure relief. A hybrid is also a nice option between memory foam and innerspring and will deliver a nice balance between ultimate support and enhanced comfort.

For back and joint pain, a firmer mattress will help. Medium firm seems to be the popular choice, but finding the right balance is key. If you are an elderly citizen will want to find a good balance between supportive firmness and comfortable softness.

Best mattress for a tall person

Choosing the right mattress when you’re taller than most can be challenging. But luckily mattresses come in super sized versions, such as the California King. The California King is the longest and widest mattress, with 7 feet in length (72 inches wide by 84 inches long). It is 4 inches narrower than a king size mattress, but it is 4 inches longer.

Best mattress for a pregnant woman

It can be difficult to get comfortable when you’re pregnant, especially the further along in your pregnancy. Memory foam can be a good option for this important time in your life, along with hybrids. Also picking a gel-based foam can be important since they have less heat retention and won’t make you even warmer than you already are.

Do the research and try it out

Whatever your body type, make sure you do the research before choosing the right mattress for you. It’s an important decision that will affect how you sleep for the next 8-10 years. Take the time to visit mattress stores and try out the mattress for yourself. Most stores will offer a return policy so you can try it for a few days before bringing it back. We think it’s worth the effort and time – and your body will thank you for it!

In conclusion, the above points are the best ones you can find in any article or online forum that would tell you about selecting a mattress suitable for your body type because everyone has different bodies with varied structures and everyone can’t be comfortable with all kinds of mattresses but if you choose forums like cleanbed.com, you can get good discount offers along with a mattress cleaning service that would regularly clean your mattress to make it look good as new.