Best Thermogenic Fat Burner For Bodybuilding

Thermogenic fat burners are used to burn fat, boost metabolism, stop hunger pangs and revitalise energy levels. It is a big market so finding the best thermogenic fat burner for bodybuilding and workouts can be hard. We’ve selected not only some of our best thermogenic fat burners for bodybuilders, but we also explain how thermogenic fat burners work.

  • Benefits of Thermogenic Fat Burners
  • Burn fat naturally
  • Boost metabolism
  • Increase energy levels
  • Stop hunger pangs
  • See your body transform!

Thermogenic fat burners are a powerful weight loss supplement designed to naturally burn fat and revatlise your energy levels. They work by increasing the temperature inside your body in order to burn energy. It is ideal to use them as part of an exercise and diet routine as the results tend to come a lot faster. Bodybuilders use thermogenic fat burners in order to increase stamina, muscle gain and achieve a lean cut appearance. They are also popular because they contain natural incredients and negative side-effects are rare.

Science Behind Thermogenic Fat Burners

Thermogenic energy (Thermogenesis) is a natural process of heat production within human and animals. It happens when we do active movement from exercise to shivering. When heat is created, your metabolic rate rises which results in more energy being burned. Exercise-associated thermogenic energy (EAT) is the heat that is created when we do exercise and is increasingly seen by scientists as an important process in the fight against obesity and maintaining your body shape. It has also been found to reduce your appetite which helps to reduce overeating.

Bodybuilders and athletes are now using thermogenic fat burners because they are a popular way to achieve a lean cut appearance and naturally energy levels without having to resort to illegal supplements.

Cutting Cycle

We’ve mentioned that bodybuilders use thermogenic fat burners to get a lean cut appearance but how does that really work? Getting a shredded look is the desire of a lot of people wanting to start bodybuilding and thermogenic products are hugely popular on the market. A lean cut look is basically eliminating all non-essential fat and replacing it with lean muscle tissue. Fat burners using natural thermogenic processes will naturally ramp up your metabolic rate so that you replace fat with muscle tissue a lot quicker. Burning fat doesn’t happen by itself but thermogenic products can quicken the process when used with a healthy balanced diet and exercise regime.

Best Thermogenic Fat Burner

There are literally hundreds of products on the market and we’ve selected some of the best thermogenic fat burner available.

Capsiplex Sport

Capsiplex Sport, part of the Capsiplex weight loss supplement group, is a fat burner targetted to accelerate fat burn and energy levels whilst on a high exercie, low fat diet routine. It uses Capsicum (red part of Chillis) to increase your metbolic rate so that you can burn fat faster and perform better in the gym.

  • Benefits of Capsiplex Sport
  • Burn upto 280 extra calories per workout
  • Develop lean muscle for strong cut look
  • Increase stamina

Natural ingredients

Capsiplex Sport works by stimulating Lipolysis (fat burn process) so that you will get leaner and tigher fast. Not only does it use Chillis, but also has added vitamin c, potassium (essential for healthy heart function). l’arginine and magnesium to ensure you burn calories and feel the energy boost. Just like testosterone supplements, these are very effective and helpful. 

One of the benefits of Capsiplex Sport is the way the capsule is structured. Many users of thermogenic fat burners feel a massive “high” followed by a deep “crash” because the ingredients are released too quickly and there have been complaints of a burning feeling in the stomach. Capsiplex Sport is different because the Capsicum layer is protected by an inert core which ensures that the ingredients are released smoothly into the body and doesn’t cause irritation to the stomach. This is good news if you want to stay alert and flexible in the gym.


PhenQ claims to burn stubborn fat in a similar way to Capisplex Sport. It not only promotes fat burn but also supresses appetite and improves energy levels. The product is made in US and UK in GMP and FDA approved laboratories. Unlike a lot of Phen products, PhenQ products are “scientifically proven” to burn subborn fat and release energy at the same time.

Benefits of PhenQ

  • Fat burner
  • Stops fat production
  • Stops hunger pangs
  • Improves mood
  • Better energy levels

PhenQ uses very similar ingredients to Capsiplex Sport. The only difference is that it has formulated their own ingredient called Capsimax Power which contains: apsicum, piperine, caffeine and niacin (vitamin B3). Whilst these ingredients are nothing new, it isn’t often that a producer uses them as one ingredient. Capsimax Power is used in conjunction with Calcium Carbonate, Chromium Picolinate, Nopal, Caffeine and L’Carnitine Furmarate. These powerful ingredient are used to identify and eliminate fat quickly in conjuction with your workout.

One key difference between Capsiplex Sport and PhenQ is the science involed in proving that they work. Whilst Capsiplex Sport states that users can burn upto 278 calories extra by using it, PhenQ goes into more detail. Their website states that PhenQ can provide α-Lacys Reset which is the ability to restore balance in your body when it has undergone stress, fatigue etc. PhenQ claims that with α-Lacys Reset and thermogenic energy, your body fat will decrease by nearly 8% and your muscle increase by 4%. That is a big result from one bodybuilding supplement.