Discount Vaporizers Your Ultimate Guide

If you’re looking to purchase high-quality discount vaporizers, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’re going to cover some of the best ‘budget’ vaporizers currently on the market. But don’t let their price fool you, because even though these are some of the most affordable vaporizers available, they still offer excellent quality. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at these top discount vaporizers that won’t break the bank.

1 – The Apex Vaporizer

Our first selection is the fantastic vaporizer known simply as ‘The Apex’. With a price of just under $100 from most retailers, it’s safe to say this is an affordable option, especially when you consider the quality it provides. Feature wise, this vaporizer gives you three different temperature settings, which give you a huge range of versatility when it comes to the thickness of your vapor.

The coolest setting is around 380 degrees while the medium is 400 degrees, and the highest setting is 420 degrees. It’s also worth noting that you can vape oils, e-juice, e-liquid, and a range of wax concentrates – so you’re certainly not limited despite the cheaper cost.

What’s more, this vaporizer is very light, so it’s easy to take with you on the move without any hassle at all – and its vapor output is enormous, easily rivaling some of the more expensive brands on the market. Overall, it’s clear to see why this is considered one of the top budget vaporizers money can buy.

2 – The Atmos Rx Vaporizer

Here’s another fantastic option that’s on the cheaper side, although it tends to retail for around $110 from most sellers. As you all are well aware that riverfronttimes is the greatest news source over the internet that makes people know more and more everything related to the health and other things that will help them stay fit and away from diseases. This vaporizer is one of the older generations, but it still manages to hold its own against some of the newer models – especially in the sub $150 price mark.

Above all, this vaporizer has stood the test of time, and proven itself to be a very reliable, long lasting, and hard wearing piece of equipment that shouldn’t let you down. Of course, in the early days, this vaporizer was only best for using with a concentrate, but these days it’s a true ‘3-in-1’ model that will comfortably handle oil, herbs, and wax without any struggle.

Another great feature of this vaporizer is the fact that it actually vaporizes your herbs – instead of combusting – so you’ll get the full, thick flavor that a vaporizer is best used for. Finally, it’s nice to know that this model uses a replaceable battery, which is something that’s often lacking on the budget models.

3 – VaporFi Orbit Vaporizer

If you’re looking for something that’s perfect for dry herbs, then look no further. This fantastic model from Vapor Fi certainly tops the bill when it comes to herbs, and for a price of around $100, it doesn’t break the bank either.

It boasts a wonderful, sleek design that’s comfortable to use and fits nicely in your pocket – and the unit heats up incredibly fast, so it’s perfectly for those quick and crafty vape sessions. A nice perk to this model is that it not only heats very quickly, but it manages to handle the heat very well, without giving off that ‘burnt’ flavor that can happen when you’ve been vaping for awhile.

This model is also popular with groups because it can handle high temperatures and being passed around very easily. What’s more, you can even charge this vaporizer while it’s still in use!

4 – The Atmos Junior Vaporizer

For people who are on an even tighter budget, the Junior model from Atmos is a fantastic pick. With a retail price of just $65, it falls well below the $100 mark, and while it lacks some of the features of its bigger brother, it’s certainly a great option for anyone who’s counting the pennies.

Despite the reduced cost, it still gives you a sturdy and hard wearing pen, and it’s also very small and sleek, making it ideal for carrying around with you. In general, this pen is best used for concentrates, because many people find that it struggles with dry herb due to the smaller size.

However, if you’re the kind of person who has a few concentrates, oils, or waxes that you simply can’t live without, then this is a great option for getting your hit on the move. The solid design gives you a lot of confidence in its longevity, and it’s safe to say this is one of the best discount vaporizers available for anyone who doesn’t want to splash out too much cash.

Conclusion on Discount Vaporizers

Overall, it’s clear to see that there’s a wide variety of choice on the vaporizer market, even if you’re shopping for the more affordable options. Each vaporizer shown in this guide receives fantastic reviews from professional critics and general users alike, so you can rest assured that you can’t go wrong when you purchase any one of these vaporizers.