Escape From Tarkov: The Best Area to Farm Roubles

Escape From Tarkov is arguably one of the challenging games ever created. Apart from the fact that you have to be familiarized with the key controls as they don’t appear on the screen, there are also expert players who will be your enemies in the game. Hence, this game requires focus, concentration and a good strategy. One of the best ways for you to be successful when playing this game is through farming roubles. Since the map gameplay is quite confusing, you beed to familiarize yourself to the best place to farm roubles in the game. 

According to some players who have been playing the game for a long time already, one of the best possible places to go for cash in the game is the Health Resort at the Shoreline. For you to access the Shoreline, you need both the 222 and 218 keys. This will allow you to farm the resort as much as you like. This has been proven to be effective already because other players were able to earn 300K eft roubles in just a few minutes with this technique. However, you have to be mindful and always keep in mind that you might get killed on these runs and to just to end up losing what you gained. Hence, it is important to follow some tips so you can successfully get roubles without you getting killed by enemies.

One of the important tips that you should follow is not to be greedy. Yes, it’s given that you want to collect lots of roubles before getting out. However,m you should have to keep in mind that it doesn’t necearuilly mean that you have nothing to lose just in case things don’t tuirn to be the way they should be. Ideally, if you are able to kill two or three Scavs, you should get out of the area immediately. Use your time to get used to the layout of the area and more experienced before starting to hoard huge piles of the roubles. Otherwise, all these items will be gone and you will just end up putting all your efforts in vain. Furthermore, it is also important to take things slow,. There is no need to rush. Instead, you should use your time to loot some stuff while other players are killing each other. In the game, there is no shame if you started slowly or if you need some time to feel comfortable. Thus, you should let the others fight so you will have enough time to collect some loots,

Lastly, you should also bring some friends with you. In this way, you will be able to stad better against other players. But you should sytill get out of the area as soon as possible even if you have some friends with you. You should never underestimate other players who are higher levels because they can still kill you and your friends as well. Follow these easy steps and you will be successful.