Home Loan Interest Rate

Home Improvement Loans • Home Equity Loans • Mortgage Calculator • Get Home Loans Home » Dena Bank » Home Loan Rates Dena Bank Home Loan Rates Dena bank home loan interest rate is given in such a way that it suits different housing requirement of different people. The maximum amount of home loan given by the bank is Rs 100 lakhs for buying a new house. The maximum amount given for renovating a house is Rs 5 lakhs. Dena bank home loan interest rate is charged on a daily reducing balance. It does not have any pre-payment charges like other financial institutions. Dena bank allows you to buy a house which is around 25 years old. Not only this, but the bank also gives a free debit card for an insurance cover taken for Rs 1 lash in case of any accidental death.

Dena Bank Home Loan Interest Rates

Dena bank home loan interest rates are presently charged in three ways. It has the initial fixed rate, floating rate of interest and fixed interest rate. The initial fixed rate charges 8% of interest for home loan amounting up to 30 lakhs and it charges 8.50% for housing loan more than 30 lakhs. The floating rate of interest charges 2.25% of BPS from the 6th year onwards and the fixed rate charges BPLR of 1.25%. Lets look at these rates in detail:

Size of loan Up to 5 years More than 5 years More than 10 years Up to 15 lakhs 9.75% 10.25% 10.25% 15 to 20 Lakhs 10.25% 10.75% 10.75% More than 20 Lakhs 10.50% 11.00% 11.00%

The rates mentioned above are subject to change without giving any prior notice. Dena bank has all the right to increase or decrease the home loan interest rate at its own disposal. To know more on the current rates you can call them on their customer service cell (022) 26545361 or email them at csc@denabank.co.in. The bank would let you know of all the present rates applicable for the amount of housing loan you wish to avail. You can also ask for an online document mentioning the details of interest rates charged by Dena bank. Dena bank EMI calculator is a very useful tool that helps you to calculate the EMI charged on the home finance applied. It is very easy and simple to use. Once you enter the home loan amount and interest rate, the calculator will give you back the estimated monthly installments that you will have to pay in order to repay the loan amount.

However, one should not take the rates mentioned above at face value because there are numerous formalities that one has to commit to before embarking on a home loan and the EMI calculator isn’t the only thing that comes into play here when it comes to online payday loans but how Dena Bank conducts this procedure on its customers without compromising on the interest rate is what counts in the end.