How To Get The Best Of Both Worlds To Lose Weight Fast

There’s no way some people should have to shed flab because they don’t have much of it already. If All they do is work toward losing flab, thery’re eventually going to start losing muscles too, making their six pack something that will never happen. This means that sometimes it’s necessary to gain muscular mass before it’s safe to start attacking your flab. If you think something’s missing here, you’re right. You can accomplish both tasks at the same time by working properly and intelligently toward your goals. When I’m saying all this, I have in mind all the men and women who want to have great abs to show off during the summer.

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You see, weight loss is only part of the equation. In fact, many males especially don’t need to be losing at all: they need to be gaining. Invariably, however, I get both genders querying me as to what they need to do to get five to ten pounds of fat off their body so they can look better when exposed.

Take for instance a male who weighs about 155 lbs being of less than a six foot height. The same would go for someone who is 175 lbs and over a six foot height. The same could go for someone who is closer to a five foot height and weighing less than 165. The danger is getting a frail, anorexic look that makes them look freaky rather than sexy.

Reality is that you have to balance fat loss with gaining muscle so that you get that strong, buff look.

I’m about five foot nine and nine percent or so body-fat composition. You’re not going to be very predominant in the sand. The best bet for any guy in this position is probably going to be better off putting on a lot of weight in muscles before working off any fat.

You need to do things in order. You need to add muscle because that will be easier when you have fat on your body than when you’re too lean. Get the blubber off afterwards.