How to Play Fortnite? Top 7 Tips for New Players

I was introduced to Fortnite by my friend’s younger sister. She is a teenager and loves video games, but she didn’t really know much about gaming when I first met her. So, I decided to teach her everything I knew about it.

As you can imagine, the process took a lot of time. I am not saying that I am the best teacher in the world, but I do have a lot of experience playing a range of different types of games.

So, here are some of my tips for improving your gaming abilities in Fortnite. These are general tips that will work across all game genres, so even if you don’t play Fortnite, these suggestions might still be useful.

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Play Games For Fun

If you are afraid to play games because of how competitive they are or how difficult they are, then you might want to reconsider whether or not you should continue with them. Some people think that video games are only meant to entertain you, but there is no reason why you need to be worried about being judged on how well you play them.

In fact, I would argue that playing certain kinds of games for fun is actually more rewarding than playing them competitively.

When you are trying to beat other players, you feel like you are constantly having to prove yourself. This means that you often play the game without enjoying it as much. When you play games for fun, however, you don’t have this pressure to get better at something just for the sake of getting better. Instead, you focus on enjoying what you are doing, which leads to you getting more out of the experience.

2. Learn How To Play Better Competitive Video Games

There are many ways in which you can improve your gaming skills. The most important thing to remember, however, is that there is no one way to achieve your goals. Everyone has their own methods of learning, and everyone learns differently.

You may have heard the expression “practice makes perfect” before. While this does make sense (especially in relation to music), it isn’t always true. It depends on who you ask, and how they practice. For example, someone who practices by playing against friends might find that practicing alone improves their ability to defeat opponents. Meanwhile, another person could find that practicing alone doesn’t help them at all.

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This is why it’s important to understand each player’s unique style of practicing. In order to figure this out, you need to talk to them about it. If your friend tells you that he practices by practicing alone, then you shouldn’t assume that his method is the same as yours. He may have found an alternative way of practicing that works better for him.

The same goes for when you are looking for ways to improve your game. Ask others about how they play, what they think works for them, and which strategies they use. There is bound to be someone in your life who knows a little bit more about the topic than you do.

3. Focus On One Thing At A Time

One of the things that I love about Fortnite is how easy it is to play. All of the maps are relatively small, and the game itself is designed to be quick to pick up and play. This is great when you are new to the game, but it can also be bad if you try to learn too much at once.

If you are trying to learn a specific skill, such as shooting while moving, you will probably fail if you try to learn both aspects together. Instead, you should focus on one aspect at a time. Start by learning how to shoot while moving, then move onto aiming while moving, etc. This way, you won’t run into any issues when it comes time to combine the two skills.

4. Mastering Each Map

Even though the maps in Fortnite are small, they are not completely empty. There are areas where enemies spawn, and there are locations that offer additional rewards if you can reach them.

For instance, there are chests scattered around the map, and there is also a Battle Pass chest at the end of every map. When you master a map, you will know exactly where these items spawn, and you will know which paths lead to them.

The same applies for enemy spawns. As you move through each level, you will see enemies spawning and dying, and you will also find clues about where the next enemy is coming from. By using these hints, you can avoid running into enemies and taking unnecessary damage.

5. Always Pick Up Weapons And Items That Are Useful In Combat

A common mistake that beginners make is that they rush through levels, ignoring the items that they come across. This is especially true of weapons, since picking up a gun is usually considered the fastest way to kill an opponent.

While this is true to some extent, it’s not the whole story. There are weapons in Fortnite that are far faster than guns, and there is no reason why you have to choose between using a gun or a weapon. In fact, guns are more accurate, and they can hit multiple targets at once.

Weapons are good because they are more powerful, but they require some preparation. You have to pick them up and aim them down sights before you can fire them, and you have to wait until you hit an enemy with it before you can reload. Meanwhile, guns are ready to go whenever you pull the trigger.

By learning to recognize weapons that are worth using, you will save yourself time and frustration. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy the game more overall.

6. Make Sure You Have Good Equipment

No matter what you are working on, you’re going to need proper equipment to succeed. For instance, you might need a new set of armor in order to survive on a particular map. Without it, you will die quickly.

Similarly, you need good gear in order to stay alive during combat. If you wear low-quality armor, you will take more damage than your opponents. This will eventually mean that you lose the battle, even though you were the stronger one.

It pays to invest heavily in good equipment early on. Once you start getting better at the game, you won’t need to spend quite as much money on new gear.

7. Practice Makes Perfect

Of course, the main way that you can improve your gaming skills is by practicing. You can do this by playing with friends, or you can practice against bots. Either way, you need to put plenty of time into honing your gameplay.

However, you can also benefit from watching other gamers and analyzing their moves. If you watch other players online, you can observe their techniques and learn from them, which can help you improve your skills.

To sum it up, the sooner you decide to start improving your gaming abilities, the faster you’ll become good at it. Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong way to play, so don’t worry too much about following others blindly. Everyone has their own style of playing, and you should stick to your own instincts instead of forcing yourself to follow someone else’s routine.