Lower Back Pain Knot Untie Yourself From Pain

Having a lower back pain knot can be quite hard to get rid of and to make matters worse, lower back pain resulting from the knot is not something that anyone can put up with for long periods of time whether the pain is mild or severe. However there are quite a few treatments that can be performed to get rid of the lower back pain knot. The first step to completely remove the pain and to decrease any chance of it returning is to find the find the root of the pain.

While poor posture usually is blamed for feeling that lower back pain knot, other causes include a sedentary lifestyle, or lack or exercise and as standing or sitting too long at one time. Sitting in a chair too long that does not provide ample lumbar support or sleeping on a mattress that lack support can also lead to a lower back pain knot. Pushing, pulling or carrying something in the wrong way or that is too heavy can also cause the feeling of having a knot in the lower back.

An injury or slight muscle pull from a trip or slip and fall accident can also cause the feeling of a lower back pain knot. Once you have narrowed down the probably cause of the knot you can take steps to find relief from the pain. Your doctor can possible provide muscle relaxing medications to ease the pain but unless you understand what caused it in the first place, chances are it will come back again.

Matching The Treatment To The Cause

If the pain from a lower back pain knot is caused by a sedentary lifestyle, the obvious treatment is going to be to get some exercise. However, jumping right into am exercise program can also cause other muscles to hurt until they get used to the additional workout. Starting slow and stretching the muscles before starting to exercise is always recommended. If the pain persists and continues to show, then you should seek help from health experts like New Jersey’s famous spine surgeon Joshua Rovner

Consider the chair in which you may spend most of your work day to see if it is providing the support you need to prevent developing a lower back pain knot but is the pain is caused by a recent injury, and you opt for massage therapy, be sure to tell the person giving you the massage about the injury.

If the muscles are worked the wrong way, the pain could not only get worse but this could also lengthen the healing process. For most people getting rid of a lower back pain knot will probably not be as quick as they would probably have hoped for but if you want the pain to go away and stay away, proper treatment must be rendered and sometimes this takes time.