The Best Formations In AFK Arena

One of the key strategies to be victorious when playing AFK Arena is to choose the right formation of your team. However, with a lot of heroes in the game, choosing the right line up can be daunting. Hence, to help you out, here are some of the best formation in AFK Arena. 

Late Game Formation (Standard)

If you want to form a team that is very effective and useful in the late game, then choosing Lucius, Belinda, Estrilda, and Fawkes are the best line up for your team. Lucios should be included in the formation because he us considered as the tankiest in AFK Arena. This will allow your team to get more energy from being hit more after level 14. Belinda on the other hand is a good support for Estrilda. Since the latter has the ability to knock enemies back , this will allow the divine retribution of Belinda to hit several enemies. On top of that, this perfect combination also ensures that the inspire of Estrilda lands on Belinda. But if you want to consider other hero apart from Belinda, you may consider someone who has a higher priority ultimate. This is because it will allow inspire granting up to 150 energy. One of the heroes who has the ability to perform this is Nemora. This hero can move around. Lastly, keep in mind that Fawkes can also replace Tasi. You just have to know and understand the perfect combination in the game.

Another perfect line up of heroes that you may want to consider is Brutus, Shemira, Lyca, Nemora, Thoran, Arden, and Ezizh. As mentioned earlier, Brutus is a tank that wants to receive damage so he can impose more damage. Shemira will also gain some energy by receiving some damage and will later use her ultimate to impose damages on her enemies. Lyca will use her ultimate to provide damage to the entire opponents while Nemora will move around. Thorna can be an alternative for Brutus. Arden can also be an alternative for Tasi and Nomorah and lastly. Ezizh can be the replacement of Brutus.

Now, if you are looking for a formation that can offer you a good mix of damage and survivability, then it is advisable to use and choose sustained, burst, single target and AoE. However, the downside of this kind of line up is that they are only effective and stronger during the late game and not the mid game. Hence, you still have to be very careful when choosing the formation. This kind of line up includes Lucius/Athalia/Thane, Estrilda, Belinda, Raine or Fawkes. Generally, if you have this formation, the team will rely heavily on Athalia or Thane as they provide the primary damage to the enemies. Lucius is responsible in holding the line and keeping all the members of the team alive. Consequently, Estrilda should also be given importance and should be prioritized so she doesn’t die too quickly. Then you have heroes for support such as Belinda, Athalia and Thane who can buff and provide supplementary damage. Lastly, Raine and Fawkes have low priority in the line up or formation. 

If you are a kind of player who wants values and prioritizes leveling in the game, then the line up of Lucius/Thane/Athalia, Estrilda, Belinda, Raine and Fawkes is the best deal to consider. Ideally, the team relies on synergy between Raine and Belinda’s ultimate. One of the best things about this team is that it is easier to build compare to other formation. For more tips and strategies, you can visit this afk arena website.