The Law Of Attraction And Leveraging Negative Thoughts

The general premise of the Law of Attraction is to think good, positive thoughts about how you want your life to be and eventually your life will become what you think about. While all of this is well and good, how many of us can truly say that we are able to continually be positive and optimistic on a regular basis. Some of us simply aren’t created this way. Does this mean that we are doomed to live a life based upon our negative thoughts and fears?

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Negative thoughts are going to come. We are all human, after all. Some of us tend to have a more negative personality. Some of us are simply filled with more fears than others. Not all of us are brave and positive about the direction our life is moving. We have fears about everything. Even the idea of becoming wealthy might fill you with fear. What if your friends and family secretly become jealousy because you’re wealthy? What if you change because of wealth? We might even have fears and negative thoughts surrounding success in many aspects of our life that are holding us back. What can we do with these fears and worries? Is it possible to use these fears to help us achieve our goals with the help of the Law of Attraction?

When using the Law of Attraction it is often suggested that you focus on your dream and think about it with a lot of emotion. The emotions of love, passion and desire are the emotions that are usually focused on when people talk about the Law of Attraction but isn’t fear an emotion? Fear can sometimes be a more powerful emotion than desire for some of us. As a result, those things that we fear the most are often manifested in our life more quickly and sometimes immediately. Fear that something will go wrong at work will often cause the unexplained to happen. Fear that a loved one will leave us will sometimes cause that exact thing to happen. You can probably look back on your life and remember a time when a fear consumed you and that very thing that you were so fearful of happened. This is simply the Law of Attraction at work but instead of positive, optimistic emotions it was fear that was the emotion behind the thought.

Creating a scenario inside our mind where we take a positive goal or dream and wrap it with fear might be a way to use these negative emotions to achieve a positive outcome. Taking that fear that consumes you and seems to be a part of your personality at times can be put to good use. You can control that worry and make it a powerful force to bring about change in your life. If you are tired of struggling with fear and worry then it’s only logical that there must be a way to harness it instead of denying it. The struggle can be quite tiresome for some of us.

For example, perhaps you have an elusive goal of falling in love. Maybe you have someone in mind or it could be that your dream is simply that someone wonderful comes into your life and falls in love with you. You want this to happen but history has shown that relationships end poorly for you. In the back of your mind there is constant doubt or fear that you’ll be hurt or rejected. This fear becomes so overwhelming that you become emotional and frustrated with trying to have pleasant thoughts about this dream of falling in love.

Instead of being afraid of being rejected, why not try being afraid of this relationship coming to fruition? Think of how it would feel to wake up in the morning knowing that the person you loved was crazy about you. Your life would change. You would have more responsibilities. They would consume a lot of your time and you wouldn’t have as much time for your friends or for yourself. What if they fell in love with you and they weren’t as wonderful as you thought they were. What if they were clingy or jealous or if they smothered you with their love? Just think about being smothered by that person’s love. Think about not having a moment alone or feeling as if they loved you more than you loved them. Oh the horror! Soon you will find that the thought of not receiving that love is gone and you’re in a space where the love of your life not only falls in love with you but they consume you with that love. Fear has overwhelmed that doubt and now you have some powerful emotions behind that dream.

While it might be your goal to manifest the life of your dreams by visualizing everything working out as you might like, struggling with negative thoughts is no fun. You can still spend time each day visualizing your dreams and working on vision boards but when those negative thoughts invade your mind, try to use them to your advantage for a change. Use everything in your power to bring the changes that you desire. Instead of struggling or beating yourself up for being fearful or doubtful, turn the tables on fear and leverage it to your advantage for a change.