The Ultimate Guide of Korean Dressing Style!

Seoul is an evergreen and endless source of fashion stimulation; therefore, Korean girls are never afraid of putting their foot forward with the latest trends. They put their proverbial foot with impeccable hair, latest trends, and makeup. The whole world is frenzied about the Korean things ‘K’ things for every single thing. K-Drama for couch potatoes, K-Pop for music lovers and K-Beauty for makeup junkies, and up next is K-Fashion. 

The Seoul Fashion was started back in 2013, and now the world-famous designers fly there. Let us know more about the feminine and classic Korean wardrobe and know the much loved Korean fashion visual, i.e., edgy street style. Moving forward, let’s check it out about the most famous and classic Korean Fashion:


  • The Trench Coat


The trench coat is the most-loved clothing item in Korean girls’ wardrobes. Despite the ladies’ age, they are wearing this style jacket and rocking it on almost every street. Another thing to know about Korean style is that the fashionistas love neutral clothing. Most fashionistas in Seoul are love in things of brown, cream, and beige. 

Korean fashion of trench coat can be a great addition to your wardrobe for winters. The sleeves are the ones that raise the trench coat to the best and worthy choice. 


  • The Collared Blouse


The Collared blouses are most versatile; you can pair them with miniskirts, under fall dresses, under casual sweaters, or with straight-leg jeans. These shirts suit well for work-wear as they are a crisp yet simple shirt that can be well paired with black trousers. These can make the best business attire suitable for any kind of job. 

To get the best K-Fashion aesthetic, search for a collared blouse with ruffle Peter Pan collar and congregated sleeves. 


  • The Wide-Leg Jeans


Korean girls love to wear skinny jeans as the straight and wide-leg jeans are the most preferred choice of Seoul Fashionistas. Wide-Leg jeans will go best with heeled bootie but also look good with flat sneakers. Wide-leg types of denim can add to any type of clothing as it totally depends on the vibe that you are going. Skinny jeans are a modern and stylish update to Korean girls’ wardrobe. 


  • The Midi Skirt


The main addition to the feminine and classic Korean wardrobe is Midi Skirts. The Midi Skirts are known as the most-versatile bottom that can be dressed up according to the occasion. In Seoul Fashion, girls and ladies favor satin, pleated and patterned versions of Midi Skirts. 

A jumper or sweater can be combined with the midi skirts; instead of tucking the sweater into the skirt, let it hang loose to get the oversized look. 


  • The Sock Boot


The final element of any outfit is the footwear. Korean girls and ladies love black sock boots as they are quite stylish and comfy and add elegance and edge to any outfit. The black sock boots can go with almost every outfit and can give you a retro feel.