Training Guidelines For Old Bodybuilders And Their Role Model

In fact, once you start bodybuilding training it becomes a lifetime endeavour. On the contrary, once you stop training you will experience a reversal of the numerous benefits chief of them being your health and physical condition.

However, training for old bodybuilders is different from the young aficionados. It needs to be adapted to their health condition, physical condition, age, and medical history. There is no doubt that it can be quite challenging for old people to remain physically fit as they continue to age. Nevertheless, this is not a difficult task as long as the aging body builders follow a strict body building program designed for old bodybuilders.

It is crucial to stress that it is not because you are an old bodybuilder that you are a health specialist and that you are more knowledgeable than doctors and sports’ specialists. Hence, it is best practice to seek medical advice and do a medical follow up regularly

Besides medical questions, old bodybuilders often have to overcome pre-conceived negative social stereotypes that old people are incapacitated people who should stay home and enjoy their sunset years with little or no physical activity. In some societies, it is not socially and culturally approved for old people to go to certain social places such as night clubs and gyms. Hence, old bodybuilders sometimes have to overcome such negative misconceptions and reactions when training.

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However, it is vital for old bodybuilders and especially professional bodybuilders to continue training even after retirement for several reasons. First, training helps this group to remain healthy and physically fit, and this minimises the risk of developing problems related to old age. Old bodybuilders might develop muscular problems such as arthritis and rheumatoid because of immobility and lack of physical exercise. However, training reduces the risk of developing muscular problems.

Smart training is highly desirable for old bodybuilders, which means: firstly, they should adopt an appropriate training routine that alternates between higher volume repetition and lower repetition weights periods. Secondly, for the latter phase, warming up is vital because of the degenerative effects of ageing their muscles. Thirdly, they should use appropriate exercise techniques with the proper weight and lifting speed. Lastly, they should pay particular attention to rotator cuff health.

Some sportsmen refuse to grow old. Although many old sportsmen testified that they found in bodybuilding a rejuvenating effect, yet, training does not fight the aging process it only helps old bodybuilders to remain fit and in good physical condition. In other words, it helps old folks grow old in a healthy way and it contributes to mental and physical well-being. For many people, bodybuilding helps them remain young in their mind and fight depression related to aging.

In addition, it is worth noting that old bodybuilders are not weak or infirm or impotent people who should be placed under surveillance and house care. With their experience and knowledge they are valuable individuals as mentors. They still have much to share to the young generation of bodybuilders. Indeed, there are many old bodybuilders who after their retirement have continued to promote this sport and have been role models for many young people nurturing in them the interest of bodybuilding.