Want More Bulk On Your Deltoids? Try This Exercise Variation

It’s easy to fall into a similar pattern in life each day. It’s even easier to keep doing the same routine when you are in the gym, especially when things seem to be working for you. However, no matter how good your exercise routine is, it is always recommended to switch it up, even if it’s just some little things.

When working the lateral head of your shoulders, the majority of people do side lateral raises dumbbells, or use a lateral raise machine or cable raises. All three of these exercises can hit the lateral head of your deltoid very well. However, when you are performing these exercises, your deltoid is only getting targeted in the upper section of the exercise. When you have dumbbells at your side and you start the exercdise, it takes very little effort to move the dumbbells the first few inches away from your sides. When you reach about 1/4 of the way to the top, then gravity starts kicking in and you are working the muscle that you are supposed to be working, the lateral deltoid.

Try this: Grab a dumbbell. Start light as this will be a lot tougher than your standard lateral raises. Find an incline bench and set it at about a 45 degree angle. Lie sideways on it so the side of your body and hips are pressed against the pad. You can wrap your closest arm around the top of the bench. Your butt should be on the seat and your legs out to the side. With the dumbbell in hand, start at your side like you would normally perform a dumbbell lateral raise. Slowly raise the weight up until your arm is straight out. Pause briefly at the top before lowering the weight to your side.

This should be quite a bit tougher than the standard lateral raise because your deltoids are getting worked at all times during the exercise. 

As you focus on the workout, make sure your body is well complimented with the best nourishment and essential nutrients to provide the required strength. Medically, testosterone is helpful to improve stamina and strength, which helps perform well. 

Supplement that boost testosterone works effectively as pre-workout boosters and also help in quick recovery. 

There is no rest area when you are performing this exercise. You will need to use a little less weight, but you will get a lot more out of it. Give this a try to change up your shoulder routine!