9 Best Ways To Save Money While Going To Watch Movies In Theatres!

Every year some major blockbusters get released, and if you are a movie bluff, you surely don’t want to miss any of those. But nowadays the cinema theatres are charging high not only for tickets but for food in theatres as well. If you want to cut out the expenses and save the money, you may need to make some sacrifices. You heard it right; you can save a lot of money if you avoid luxury things and use some tips to cut off the expenses.  

Here, in this article, we will introduce some useful tips or ways that can help you save money which watching the movies in theatres and at home on publications from tvmuse. 

  • Drive-In’s

Drive-In’s used to charge by the car-load and not by the person. They are some drive-ins left, but you can still get one if you are lucky enough. You can also carry food along with you in drive-ins. The best thing about drive-in is that they show double features, which are least at this time but is worth it.

  • Matinee

The best way to save money while going to watch movies is to visit the theater in off times. When we talk about matinee showings, you can literally save money and get the tickets at discounted prices. These are not only the best way to save money but also to watch the movie. People who don’t like to watch movies in the crowd must go for matinee showings. Due to fewer crowds, you can also sit on your choice of seats.

  • Avoid 3-D

There are numerous movies that are made into 3D pointlessly. It doesn’t add to excitement and entertainment but adds a higher price tag. If a movie doesn’t seem best to see in 3D showing, try to avoid the extra cost involved. Before paying a higher price, ask yourself if it is actually worth it. If a movie has the best reviews and ratings and has the best visual effects, then only pay extra cost to get the best user experience.

  • Discount coupons

Some shopping centers or some specific brands offer discount coupons on shopping at a particular price. If you have movie discount coupons, don’t hesitate to use them and ask for discounts. If you a senior citizen, in the military or a student, you must carry your ID card and ask for a discount.

  • Avoid IMAX

IMAX theatres charge high money just for providing a cool interior and best experience. Don’t be stupid and pay extra money in IMAX as even the normal size screen is enough to watch the money. IMAX charges money for showing movies on larger screens. In reality, IMAX screens are actually smaller ones when compared to their advertisements.

  • Bring your own food and drinks.

No doubt, smuggling food in movie theatres is against the rules, but buying food in theatres involves a lot of money. Instead, it is better to buy things from the grocery store and fill them in plastic baggies. You can fill the water bottle with popcorns and more and can enjoy them while watching the movie. If you are trying to smuggle the food, then smuggle the appropriate things and don’t bring any Chinese food to enjoy in the movie.

  • Watch at home

This may feel odd, but the best way to save money is not to visit the theatre. There are numerous streaming services that allow watching movies and TV shows free. Even if those streaming services charge, they might cheaper than movie theatres. So instead of going to theatres, invite your friends or family at home, attach the speakers with your TV, and enjoy the movies of your choice.  

  • Avoid reservation seats

You must always avoid buying tickets from online websites as these sites add extra charges on the exact cost of the tickets. Online tickets will make you pay up so better to avoid it. Instead of buying tickets online, better go to the theatre early and stand first to buy tickets faster without paying extra charges.

  • Pay with card

If you have a credit card, then trying paying through it as you may earn points or can win a free movie ticket.