Block Books: Fun and Educational

My 12 month old son has a new favorite toy. Well, actually it has been his favorite toy for about three months now. It’s his set of Soft Play Sesame Block books. He has all three sets that we’ve found. He absolutely loves them! He spends at least a few minutes playing with them every single day.

I think one of the reasons that my son likes the block books so much is because there are so many different things he can do with them. He can stack them up and knock them down. He can open them and look at the pictures. He can squeeze the pages and hear the different noises they make. He can put them in his mouth and chew on them. And he doesn’t have to hear me get onto him for it because I don’t worry about him hurting his mouth or tearing up his toys.

The block books are really cute, too. They feature Sesame Street characters, which are of course a big hit with most older babies and toddlers. They also include only short phrases that are easy for toddlers to understand. The short phrases are also great for parents, because we can get through a whole book before baby starts losing interest.

They have a variety of subjects available. One set of block books includes books that discuss Hugs, Kisses, Smiles, and Love. There are also two other sets of four block books. One set covers the time of day, and the other covers basic learning concepts like counting and opposites.

One thing that I like about the block books is that they can teach babies so many things. Blocks are good for babies because they teach children about cause and effect. Blocks are also good because when babies build towers, it helps to develop their motor skills. Even stacking one block on top of another helps a young baby gain valuable skills.

Another great thing about these block books is their durable construction. These books are made of cloth, with foam pages. There is also one page in each of the eight page books that includes a noise maker of some kind. Some of the block books have a squeaker, some have a rattle, and some have a crinkly page. These noises are all big hits with my son, as I’m sure they are with most toddlers.

The suggested retail price of these block is $19.99 for a set of four. I personally would have been hesitant to buy them for that price. However, now that I have them, I definitely think they are worth the price. After all, most books do cost more than $5.00 each, and these include extra activities. And if you order them from the website, they offer a discount. I’m not sure what shipping is, though. I bought mine at a retail store.

I would recommend the Sesame block books to any parent with an older baby or a toddler. There are so many different things you and your baby can do with this set of toys. They would make a great addition to any toy box or book shelf.