Experiential Marketing- Engagement Process

Whether it is a regular job or business, today’s youngsters invest 200% of their hard work and leave no stone unturned to achieve success at any cost. It cannot be said about everyone as some are also quite lazy and witless on certain occasions.

Where there is a will there’s a way because you cannot make excuses nowadays if you want to go far ahead in life for which preparations have to be started from day one because the platforms are far and wide.

Social media has become a virtual platform for branding, marketing and advertising products where you have the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube that has been utilized to great potential by the youth brigade, which brings us to today’s topic which is experiential marketing.

Brief Introduction

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about Experiential Marketing? Here you have a marketing strategy that helps you connect directly with the customers with no middleman to worry about, which means that there are no cuts that are wasted on them.

Experiential Marketing is defined as Event marketing where customers are invited for engaging with the various brand of products so that they are able to participate in the evolution process from start to finish because it is a hard boiled task to brand and market them.

No matter how potent your products are if it doesn’t have proper marketing then it will not be able to reach far and wide which is similar to marketing a movie because everything revolves around branding and marketing.

If the story and actors are good but don’t fall under the category of ‘stars’, then it requires tremendous amount of marketing otherwise it will crash at the box office and the same holds true for normal products as well.

So it can be said the Experiential Marketing is a clever marketing strategy to promote your products with the zeal and vest as an ambitious producer markets his movie so as to attract the attention of thousands of moviegoers.

You need to bring the product closer to the consumer for which experiential marketing is a foolproof option so that many opportunities are opened up but it requires extensive planning from day one as mentioned above.

Consumers have to emotionally connect with the brand in question which is called consumer engagement so the products have to specifically be for their target audience and should meet all their needs.

Survey Report

There is an experiential brand activation agency Singapore that has some of the best marketing techniques where customers are introduced to the products through social media marketing where they are given details about the product in question along with its pros and cons.

Event Marketing Institute conducted a survey report a few years back where it came to the conclusion that 80% of the customers connect with the product through experiential marketing that leads to more positive word of mouth.

So if you want to promote your products then experiential marketing is an excellent idea to begin with.