Tarot Card Readings Playing Cards – What are the playing cards

Believe it or not, you can actually turn any regular old deck of playing cards into a makeshift tarot card deck. You only have to assign tarot related meanings to the deck’s cards. Once you have the corresponding meanings all mapped out, you can start on an easy tarot reading. This article is not meant to give you a full list of each card and their meanings however. This is purely for general information purposes to help get you started. Hopefully you will leave the article able to properly interpret the cards you make to help you predict what’s in store for your future.

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Standard playing card decks have four different spreads: the well known clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades. For tarot readings, you should analogize hearts to emotions. Clubs will represent friendship and other relationships. Diamonds stand for difficulties such as monetary problems. Spades will stand for warnings. If you need specific meanings on every car, you can find out how to do that at http://www.talisman.net/tarot/regcard.html.

The simplest spread you can use is a seven triplets spread. This spread requires that you use 21 cards out of the deck’s 52 cards. Before starting, just take a deep breath and carefully shuffle the cards. Divide the cards into three separate stacks. The left most stack pertains to your past life. The right pertains to the future. Take one card from each of these stacks until you are left with seven groups made up of three cards. Each group’s middle card should come from your original middle stack. If you want to make the final reading easier on yourself, arrange all of the groups into a V shape.

The two upper groups will refer to your romantic life. From there, the second refers to happiness and wealth, the third refers to career and overall success, and the final groups are about your family life and relations with others. It may shock you that you might be able to learn about such things from actual playing cards, but the method has been tested and the results are incredibly thought provoking.

People usually get tarot card readings hoping to predict their future. Two other schools of thought exist regarding the purpose of tarot however. Some see it primarily as a tool that should be used to look at one’s current situation in life so as to better steer it in the desired direction rather than a complete reading of the future itself. Since each card is interpreted in relation to the other cards in their particular spread, the way the reader may interpret them can vary greatly according to their own perception.

The other school of thought derives from a general frame of mind that states “as above so below.” With this theory, the seemingly innocuous cards then become doorways or windows that allow the reader to peer into the world in a larger sense. It can labeled as the heavens, the universe, or whatever else the reader feels is most applicable to them.

It is suggested that the first school of thought is taken to avoid superstitious relations. If you have found yourself to be a particularly intuitive sort however, perhaps even with some sort of inclination towards mental powers, the second may be of some use to you. Whichever you take on, you must still attain some realism about your outlook on the whole matter.

Please Keep in Mind….

Whatever the future brings, it is only one set of possible circumstances out of many. It is not set in stone by any means. Any future predictions that spell out danger or other negative outcomes should lead you to question how that can be changed or avoided. It should inspire positive thought and change for the better. Predictions that are particularly positive in nature shouldn’t simply be left alone either. With those, try to frame your thoughts around what you can do to make sure you bring those predictions into your life with efficiency.

Despite the possibility to do all of this with regular playing cards, if you can afford an actual tarot deck (which are usually only $10 or so from major sources like Amazon) it is suggested you use that instead to get the best possible result. It will also be much more convenient in the long run. Either way you go, remember that tarot readings are never set in stone and you should be able to get some use from the experience.