Healthy Ways Lose Arm Fat

Many women have underarm fat. The extra arm fat can look unsightly and make them too self-conscious to put on sleeveless outfits even on the hottest summer days. The good news is there are some promising ways to reduce your arm fat and make them look sexier. You can lose arm fat and be more confident with the right diet and regular exercise. With summer fast approaching, it’s time to check out the best weight loss shakes website to get beach-ready!

What causes arm fat?

Unsightly arm fat is usually seen in women than men. It is simply because men actually do more heavy work than women and they build up more muscles instead of extra fat. You are quite likely to get more arm fat if your underarms are not properly toned.

There are three major reasons for extra arm fat:

  • Genetics

Look at your family. Did you notice underarm fat on your relatives? Is extra arm fat common on your family members?

  • Overweight

Extra fat must exist somewhere in your body, underarms are very commonplace for extra fat to accumulate in your underarms.

  • Lack of Muscle Exercise

If your weight is normal and there is still extra fat in your arms, It is simply because you are lacking muscle exercise. Doing more heavy lifting will help you slim down your arm.

Benefits of losing arm fat

Since the underarm is commonplace for fat to concentrate in your body, by losing arm fat, you can lower your whole body fat percentage. This will help improve your overall quality of health and make your body look sexier.

Methods to Reduce Arm Fat

There are 3 basic methods to lose arm fat.

  1. Having weight Lifting exercises

You can tone the muscles on your arms by doing weight lifting exercises. What you need is only a pair of dumbbells. Small 2-5lb weights are appropriate for most women. It’s not true that heavyweights will help you lose fat fast, some studies show that heavy weights exercise will give the opposite of the results you desire. Men usually use heavy weights and practice several or dozen times to create bulky muscles. Smaller weights and more times are the correct methods for women who want to slim down their arms.

Here is a Pilates workout video aimed to lose arm fat. You can follow these exercises.

  1. Having aerobic exercises

You can tone your arms by doing weight lifting exercises, but it is also recommended for you to have some aerobic exercises such as running, long-distance walking, and swimming. Swimming is the best exercise to tune the arm muscles among these aerobic exercises because you will have to move your arms to keep you afloat when you swim. Aerobic exercise is an excellent arm fat-burning method. You should also make sure that you are doing aerobic activities on a regular basis to burn away extra body fat. To benefit the most from your aerobic exercise, in terms of losing arm fat, perform a light amount of strength training for your arms before and after your aerobic workout. This will cause those areas to burn more fat than they would if you just did the aerobic activity alone.

  1. Having a healthy diet

In order to lose fat, you should follow a healthy balanced diet. When I say a healthy diet plan, I don’t mean that you should cut out all fatty foods. It is not good for your health to totally stop the consumption of healthy fat. Instead, you should go for a well-balanced diet which consists of more protein and vegetables, less fat and sugar. Of course, you should not take foods which are too fatty and sugary. And what’s more, You must reduce your calorie intake such as drinking soda and cola. You don’t need the calories from junk foods. Lastly, an important tip for losing body fat is to drink more water or hot tea. Water can increase your metabolism level and burn more fat.

Underarm fat is not accumulated in a day. There is no exact panacea that will help you simply lose arm fat quickly and healthily. What you need is persistence, don’t give up! If you start to lose underarm fat, you will probably notice that your whole body will slim down as well. Losing the overall amount of fat in your body is a good thing, so go for it.