Stress And Belly Fat – How to get relief from stress 

Getting stressed and worked up trying to divine new ways to disguise that awkward bulge around your waist? It would be better if you start looking for ways to reduce your stress level first because stress and belly fat always go hand in hand and are very much interlinked. You may think it’s easier said than done in today’s hectic rat-race lifestyle. Agreed, that it’s difficult…but it’s not impossible if you know the right things to do in the right ways!


Any form of stress, be it physical, mental or emotional, leads to production of a hormone called Cortisol which in turn leads formation and deposit of belly fat.Actually it is what you could say is a vicious cycle! Stress incites the body to produce Cortisol.Cortisol, produced by the adrenal glands in the body, is a fat-storing hormone.Cortisol can cause health hazards by reducing your metabolism rate. So you may be following that same strict diet and still go putting on weight.And the more weight you put on, more depressed and stressed you get about how to cope with your changing, ungainly shape. The key to this problem is in breaking the cycle!

Best nootropics is the stress-relief supplements for the individuals. The changing of the lifestyle is possible for the people. Along with it, the solving of the problem related to the excessive fat is possible for the people. A break in the chain in getting a healthy body is also possible for people. 


In today’s life, stress is not confined to a day or two but continues for days, weeks or even months at a stretch. More stress means more Cortisol. Excessive Cortisol causes the liver to secrete excess sugar in the body which leads to sudden pangs of hunger. This abnormal hunger is often responsible for making a person over eat.It often prompts an obsession for sugary and fatty foods. It has been observed that people suffering from stress and depression are more inclined to have more food cravings than normal; as if in an effort to munch away their depression. But that doesn’t work…it does but in an adverse way- from bad to worse! That accounts for that habitual craving for burger everyday at lunchtime or that fixation for chocolates every time you have to meet a deadline at work.It, therefore, comes as no surprise that such unhealthy food will lead to more belly fat.


An unfortunate but inevitable truth is that a person’s belly attracts more fat than other parts of the body as it is more responsive to Cortisol. A protruding belly not only spoils one’s looks but makes a person more prone to heart attacks, strokes and fluctuating levels of cholesterol.


In today’s society, it is not possible to lead a stress-free life. In order to beat stress, do not reach out for that steaming cup of coffee because caffeine products do not help in relieving stress but instead produce more Cortisol. Train your mind not to overreact in minor situations. Several stress management techniques can also be helpful in keeping you free from stress. Exercise too can help in bringing a drop in the stress level. Stress and belly fat are close allies. Stress endorses belly fat. So if you want that pot belly to go away, just keep the stress at bay!