Here Are Some Easy Steps For Effective Guest Blogging That Will Make Google Happy

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging or Guest Posting refers to writing internet content for the website of some other company. Most bloggers are involved in guest blogging too. Generally, all the guest bloggers have a writing style that they follow in every blog they write. Generally, they prefer to write for a single type of blog. This keeps their work easy. Other benefits of the same are:

  •   Attract the traffic from the blog back to their website.
  • Boosting the domain authority by using the external links for high-authority domains.
  • Increase their awareness and credibility for the brand that provides them more content for writing.
  •  It helps them to build great relationships with their peers in the industry.

Guest blogging, always, has mutual benefits. It is beneficial for both the blogger and the company. There are mutual benefits involved.

Google has repeatedly been saying that guests blogging for a website is not very safe. Rather, occasionally it can be very dangerous.

However, guest blogging isn’t bad, and it’s being done badly. Let’s find out why?

What’s wrong with guest blogging?

Let’s find out how does guest blogging work. There are following steps involved:

  • The bloggers create content that might be of some interest to websites.
  • The blogger has to ensure that the content includes the necessary keywords required to keep the site high during the search – they want a keyword-rich anchor text.
  • Now, the blogger has to create a site list containing the sites that can be interested in posting the content.
  • Now, they try to approach the site in such a way that it doesn’t look like spam, and the site might respond. Or, one can contact a huge number of sites at once, hoping that at least one of them might respond.
  •  Once a site shows some interest, they coordinate with them, and they work as the site wants them to.
  •  Finally, the content blogger wrote it gets published somewhere over the internet.
  • The content is written shouldn’t have any SEO issue, or else it can get rejected.
  •  Now, the bloggers repeat the same process.
  • This is how Guest Blogging is being done traditionally. There are a few things wrong with this method. Let’s see them:
  • The success rate is very low. It is usually even less than 0.01%. Therefore, one has to send a huge lot of emails before somebody replies.
  • The email to be written must not look like spam but should be properly pitched simultaneously. There’s a very fine line between them.
  • The blogger does not have any control over his content once it’s posted. The company can change it and update it the way they want to do it.

Now the question is, how can guest blogging be improved? Well, there are some ways.

How to make Guest Blogging Better?

Some improvements that can be made to guest blogging are:

  • Identify the Influences who can communicate well: Bloggers need to find out firms with the caliber to grow. The ones who have the caliber for their content to reach a larger audience. It’s always better if they’re active on social media.
  •  Now, the firm can invite the blogger to write for them.
  • The next step is for the blogger is to publish the content and make sure it reaches a large audience. It should be spammed everywhere possible. It is beneficial for both the content writer and the firm. The use of anchor text can help.
  • The firm now provides all the ways to the blogger to promote his/her content. It is spammed to as much audience as possible.

These are some ways to make guest blogging more effective and make Google happy!