What to Know About Google’s Say on Guest posts?

Guest blogging has really become quite popular in recent times for various reasons and purposes. It is mainly used to promote and expose your brand and business to a wider segment of the audience. There are many marketers and business leaders effectively use this technique. 

In a general sense, guest posting is all right, but if you use it for links, then it is known to be wrong in the eyes of Google. You are supposed to receive warnings from Google if you use this kind of blogging only for link building as well as SEO rank boosting. This is really considered to be unbeneficial and unfair for the other users. Moreover, it may not always be okay to use a guest post on a website’s homepage

Is Google able to recognize the guest posting?

A website is there to have a lot of content, blogs and contents. Among this myriad of the post, it becomes difficult for Google to find whether a specific post is a guest post or not. There is some algorithm of Google that can be used in this regard. 

Such an algorithm is to determine whether it is a guest post or not. On the other hand, Google, in most of the cases, does not know the actual purposes and intentions behind a guest post. Google has expressed its views and opinions on the unnatural links and guest postings. 

As per some experts at Google, they have found ways to effectively identifying a guest post on a website. The first way is to tell whether a post is a guest post or not is through its tag. If a post is tagged, then it is likely to be a guest post. 

This is why you should not use a guest on the homepage and also should be clear about your purposes. Do not use it for link building. It is always a better idea for you to play safe else you are highly likely to be flagged by Google. 

Does Google have problems with guest posting?

If you use guest post just promoting the post, then it is fine and good in the eyes of Google. Google is only likely to frown upon if the main purpose of posting is to boost the organic search or link buildings. Google think that doing this is known to be a disadvantage to other users. 

As per Google, many people are exploiting guest posting and blogging for outsmarting SEO game. On the one hand, the writers have been writing quite low-quality content on various websites. On the other hand, the publishers have also been accepting these posts easily. This technique is being used for improving search engine rankings. 

Google only wants to have rich content on the homepage of different websites. If you are to use your guest post on another website, then you need to be careful about the content. Moreover, do not have any unfair attentions in your mind about using the guest blogging. If you follow the guidelines of Google, then you are not supposed to be getting any warnings from them.