Lords Mobile Cheats Tips Tricks & Hacks

One of the most talk of the town topics in Lords Mobile is trap castles. Some players think that it is the only trick in the game but they are wrong. As a matter of fact, trap accounts are considered as the lamest trick that players can use in the game. Basically, trap accounts will take moths for a player to set it up and it is a high maintenance trick. In addition, when a player gets more than 20 million kills, they concept becomes senseless at all.

Another trick that you may want to consider in Lords Mobile is the infirmary trap. This si considered as one of the favorite tricks of players in the game. Apart from attacking the castles, there are some successes that players can get using this strategy. It is done by allowing enemies think that you have no troops at all. Consequently, when the opponent is about to attack, then that’s the time that you can heal all of your troops and they can form a formidable army to fight and defeat the opponent’s army.

You may also consider opening several free lords mobile account. This is also an effective trick that some players utilize so they can easily advance in the game. The opened mini accounts will create a continuous supply of resources. At first, it will be quite hard because it requires high maintenance but once you are set up, all you have to do is log in, reset the shield and send off the resources that your kingdom needs. As a result, you will be able to build armies with millions of troops and at the same time, you can replenish them with unlimited supplies of resources.

Switch and bait is another critical strategy that you may also want to employ. The trick is really effective however, you have to spend money on it. Keep in mind that the main way that your opponents can know which troop to send will depend on the arrangement of the gear. Thus, if you are able to convince your opponent that you have a particular line up, then it will be possible for you to get a huge advantage in the battle. Of course, this strategy will work by showing one gear and afterwards, switching such gear right before the opponent attacks you.

Last but not the least, using the Labyrinth for you to acquire gold is also an effective strategy and trick. As you may know, Labyrinth is considered to be dreadful in terms of jackpot winning. But at the same time, it also produces lots of gold that you surely need for you to buy items for your army.

Overall, if you want to be victorious and advanced easily in the game, it is advisable to use some tricks and strategies. Of course, it wont be easy at the first part but as you go along and keep on practicing, you will be able to progress.