Who Do You Main In Rainbow Six Siege And Why?

Different players have different choices and tastes while playing the game Rainbow Six Siege. Moreover, the preferences may also be likely to change as meta changes over time. There are some operators that most of the players play. Players mainly prefer to rotate with 4 on either side to avoid getting locked out of their aims. You need to have Rainbow Six Siege accounts at first.


  • Sledge

It is just simple and effective. It is used on many occasions by so many players if main points are covered on the team. His L5A2 happens to be trustworthy. Moreover, the hammer is amazing to bust the new entry points in. On the other hand, frags come quite handy. He can even be regarded as one of the original operators.

  • Fuze

Fuze is quite efficient as the utility op. In case defenders are on the lower floor, he becomes useful in clearing out the traps and gadgets in reducing the resistance into some objective.

  • Zofia

Zofia is undoubtedly such an almighty bad-ass that is very beneficial in fulfilling the operation. She is excellent at throwing grenades and does not delay at all. On the other hand, her concussion grenades are also useful in many ways. Her MR762 is perfect, to be honest. She is considered to be one of the best mains in this game. She is undoubtedly everyone’s favorite.

  • Finka

Finka is undoubtedly considered to be a fantastic support operator. If the situations demand, she can put great effort to claim a victory for you. If you are already down then, she can be a great option to fight back. Her great spear .30 is relatively easy to handle and practical to control. His playing style is considered to be liked by so many players out there. If a player gets accustomed to playing with her, then it becomes effective later.


  • Mute

Mute is that generic string and silent type badass that frustrates everyone. Quiet is such a defensive player that has fantastic in-game abilities. His MP5K may not be best for the longer distance, but it is very nasty if some suppressor gets tossed on it. He can correctlybe used as a quasi-roamer in the best way possible.

  • Kapkan

At times, he could be a pain in the ass to be used effectively, mostly it was so during the initial release of the game. But once you become getting used to playing with him, you become invincible. He is a master killer. If his opponent misses once, he will instantly kill the opponent in the most brutal way possible.

  • Vigil

Vigil is considered to be the main of so many players out there. He happens to have some capabilities and skills that make him a unique in-game character.His K1A is an excellent gun. On the other hand, his SMG-12 is also great.

This weapon is supposed to be used as a great close quarter gun in emergencies. He happens to have the innate ability to destroy the droner with relative ease. He is a well-rounded character in this regard. You need to have Rainbow Six Siege accounts to choose Vigil as your primary.

  • Maestro

Maestro also happens to be another defensive lousy ass character that many players prefer to choose as per their demands. His kit got impressive Alda 5.56, which is nothing but a smaller MG-42. On the other hand, the kit also has LMG having 0 round belts. Moreover, it can again toss ACOG on it.