Medical Uses For Marijuana – Understand the benefits of marijuana

Taking into account the medical uses of marijuana it can be easy to see that there are some strong cases in point to highlight that weed does have some significant benefits to peoples health.

Take for example the fact that some reports have been around that go as far back as 12’000 years when herbal remedies were pretty much the only medicinal aid available. Couple that with a study that was performed back in February 1997, put together by the NIH (National Institute of Health)which released its report with the details of only some of the possibilities of medical uses for marijuana in order to venture into the most productive areas of research for further information on the subject. The end result provided a report highlighting 5 areas of care that the medical uses of marijuana could be effective for treating. Different medical uses of cbd oil for pain are available for the people. The treating of the medical problem is with the skills and intelligence of the patient. The productive uses should be provided for the consumption of the oil. There is reduction in the chronic pain to have long term profits and benefits. 

The first of which was the ability to stimulate someones appetite and provide relief from cachexia, which is a disease that effects the muscle and weight of a person similar to that of anorexia.

Secondly it was highlighted to be able to control nausea along with vomiting, which is most frequent in patients going through cancer treatments: such as chemotherapy.

Another element to the research that was done showed that medical uses for marijuana could infact be used to decrease the intraocular pressure, which would provide a great benefit to those that suffer from glaucoma as this would reduce the build up of fluid around the eye area.

They then went on to describe the possibility that the drug could help as an analgesic drug. Highlighting that it could be beneficial for patients suffering from chronic pain.

The fifth of the medical uses for marijuana report that was investigated and highlighted in that report back in ’97 was the use of the drug for neurological disorders such as epilipsy by relaxing the muscle groups and thus could be used as prevention for seizure activity.

There’s a long list for medical uses for marijuana and it continues to grow as scientists are always experimenting to find out what drugs can be used as effective treatments for a variety of illnesses. Some reports have claimed that above 150 known illnesses could benefit from the medical uses for marijuana.

Another report put together for the Journal Of Natural Products published a report that detailed the effects of it as an antibiotic. The case in point was that the class of the molecules that are better known as cannabanoids could be used as an antibiotic. The details outlined the different molecules that would fit together for this.

The group of cannabanoids included the non-psychoactive

  • cannabichromene
  • cannabigerol
  • cannabidiol

and more importantly this included the well-known drug THC. Scientifically referred to as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol

There have been numerous medical uses for marijuana proposed over the years in the USA alone. A lot of doctors that have been asked and polled on the topic in the past regarding the subject and have came out and said that they would prescribe marijuana to their patients, but only to particular patients who they feel would most benefit from the use of the drug in line with their treatment. Most of the cases that were used as examples of who would be prescribed this medication were those patients that were suffering from the nausea, that is a direct result of the chemotherapy used for treating cancer. Also patients suffering from HIV. As the marijuana stimulates a persons appetite it can act as a prevention of the nausea as well as vomiting. Other promising medical uses for marijuana was in the pro-longed reduction to control a number of chronic pain conditions. Another suggestion was in the behavioural control for those that tend to struggle through their schooling and life in general by living with the condition of ADHD, as the medical uses for marijuana would assist in diminishing the symptoms of the disorder and be able to keep the person in a more calmer and stable frame of mind.

Some of the confirmed medical uses for marijuana include:

  • Glaucoma
  • Hypertension
  • Arthritis
  • Pain relief
  • Relief for nausea
  • Muscle spasticity reduction for patients with injuries to their spinal cord
  • Multiple Sclerosis, by diminishing the tremors in patients with MS

Some scientific reports have also shown that when using marijuana a person can find relief from conditions such as:

  • Migraines
  • Depression
  • Seizures
  • And Insomnia

This was provided in a report from NORML who stand for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

While there are plenty of medical uses for marijuana, it doesn’t all come as benefits. There are also a variety of risk factors relating to peoples general health which is why it isn’t widely available to the public. Some areas of concern for example is the fact that when smoking weed over a pro-longed period of time will weaken a persons immune system. It is also thought to increase the possibility of developing mouth cancer. So while it can provide some relief to cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy it can also act as an accelerator and cause a different type of cancer and not just cancer of the mouth. Many of the diseases that it can be prescribed to aid the person can infact take the opposite effect and speed up the condition and its effects such as that of HIV along with AIDS. It’s also known to lead to an increased number of patients developing schizophrenia.

With all that said it would appear that at the end of this research the dangers and the risks that come with the medical uses for marijuana can cancel out all of the benefits and that’s before touching on the subject of the dangers of developing a weed addiction.