Before You Criticise Electronic Cigarettes Know The Facts

Here we will explain some of the answers to your question on electronic cigarettes. With some mixed reviews in the media it no wonder people get confused. There of course good and bad devices on the market as well and we will tell you how to spot those.

What is an electronic cigarette?

An electric cigarette is a device that vaporises liquid nicotine so it can be inhaled. Most devices come in two parts and some in three. They contain a section that includes the nicotine cartridge and also a part where the battery and atomiser sits. The atomiser is where the magic happens. This heats up the nicotine two a perfect temperature for it to be vaporised without giving off any dangerous heat. You can read more about how ecigs work.

What types of kits can you buy?

These are a lot of different types of kits you can buy depending on what your usage is. Firstly you can buy cheap starter kits which are disposable. There is no need to look after them or change the liquid as you simply throw them away after usage. Moving a level up there are the starter kits, these include a range of chargers, one or two units and maybe some spare batteries. Anything above these two main kits are ones that have extras like a cigarette box that acts like a charger, liquid nicotine flavour making kits, adaptors, and much more. The best advice is to look on the manufacturer’s websites to get a feel of what is being offered and what would suit you.

Are there really any health benefits to smoking ecigs?

There are huge benefits to using these devices to help you give up smoking. Firstly and this is the main benefit is you will not be inhaling smoke of any other toxins found in tobacco products. The only thing that come outs of an electronic cigarette is odourless vapour. This has been tested and is not harmful to others. What you will notice after a month of use is that your breathing will become better and you will feel healthier. Secondly what a lot of long term users have managed to do is slowly reduce the strength of the nicotine in their ecig and lower their dependence on the drug. You can also read further expert opinion about the safety of these devices.

Can you smoke electronic cigarettes in public?

It is firstly important to point out that in the United Kingdom they do not come under the smoking ban, this is also the case in the USA as well. But these devices are so good that people often confuse them with the real thing. Also you will be going through the motions of real smoking so again this can cause confusion. The best thing you can do is ask permission first, kindly explain what the device is and if they still say no then you should except that decision. The concept of “vaping” is still new to people and many do not understand it so it is your duty and other users to help change the general public’s attitude towards them. Very few of you might be aware of the term lost vape, these are designed for creating the highest as well as the finest quality vapes that are easy to use along with the DNA chip. Hitting thr replay you can enjoy the vape all over again as many times you need. 

How do I find a quality brand?

The best way to do this is to use the many vaping forums and review sites on the internet. Here you will be able to find up to date information and also real reviews from users. This will help you make up your mind on what brand you would like to try.

These are just a few questions to the popular questions people have about vaping. To many this is becoming a lifestyle choice and not just a way to give up smoking.