My Raw Food Paleo Primal Diet – Gain Muscle And Lose Weight

I’ve been lifting weights for what seems like my whole life. I knew I had my fitness program in check, but I always knew I need to change my eating program in a big way. I figured I would get to it at some point but always thought working out was more important that my diet or what kind of vitamins and minerals I was consuming on a daily basis. Man did I have things upside down.

So back in 1995 my mom got stage 4 non hodgkins lymphoma with a 10% survival rate. Talk about a shocker. My mom and I have a very tight relationship so I knew I needed to do something about my diet and hopefully hers as I always knew there was some sort of connection between her diet and cancer.

So she got a bone marrow transplant and was in the hospitle for over a month getting chemo’d and radiated to death from conventional medical slash, burn and poison methods. All the while I knew that something wasn’t right but didn’t do much about it.

She got her treatments, recovered and all was going good.

For a while life returned to somewhat normal. Then I started getting allergies all the time and then got lactose intolerant. Right around that time a friend of mine gave me a book called Fit For Life about eating raw foods, juicing, cleansing and food combining properly for weight loss.

I was never overweight but everything just snapped into place for me. I realized that this was the way to start changing my diet. In the meantime I continued working out 4-5 times per week, running, doing yoga, surfing, brazilian jiu jitsu and staying active.

For about 6 years I was a 100% raw foodist. That is only eating raw fuits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, seeds, grains. What a fun time that was. What I learned is that eating raw foods is a very cleansing diet, which is why many people can heal from very degenerative diseases from it, but it’s not a very “building” diet. Once you’ve done the cleansing and the stripping down of toxins and debris inside your colon and your body, then it’s time to start building back up again a nice strong physique.

In my mind there are 4 basic classifications of food. Many people talk about carbs, protein, meat, veganism etc.

Here are the four food categories I eat every day:

No from this you can tell that carbs, proteins etc are contained within these food classifications but these classifications are critical to remember. Most people eat the from the first two but not the second two.

Fungus as foods included herbs and medicinal mushrooms that you can boil in water and make teas from. Many of these are extremely powerful, very youthening, and help to fight diseases and rebuild your power.

Bacteria are foods that traditional cultures have been eating for thousands of years but we don’t do that here in America. They are fermented foods like kefir, saurkraut, miso, tempeh, kombucha, mead, wine etc. If you want to live a long time and have radical health, you have to start including these foods into your diet. End of story.

As far as animal foods go I regularly do raw eggs in my smoothies, raw cheeses that you can buy and lots of times I’ll make beef jerky and dehydrate it at around 110 degrees keeping it raw as well.

I also eat some cooked fish every once and a while as well. Raw milk is something I consume on a regular basis too. Many places raw dairy products are illegal but where I’m located you can get this stuff at your local health food store.

Also remember that wild foods are much more powerful than hybridized, non organic, genetically modified foods. Seedless watermelons are not natural. Neither is a bananna. These foods were cross bread and created by man essentially. Foods that have to be sprayed with chemicals in order to ward off diseases and cannot reproduce because Monsanto has removed their genetics, is not food that we really should be consuming.

If you find a wild apple, in nature it’s going to have all the strong genetics and life force to ward off fungus, mold and natures recylcers. This is a powerful food, not the apple you see in the grocery store.

This also applies to meat. A cow is a genetic hypbrid created by man of an animal that is now extinct. A cow is docile and essentially not very smart. I would suggest finding wild game meats online like buffulo, bison, dear or bear meat. These animals are eating wild grasses and wild food and they are very powerful to eat.

Here are some places to check out for this type of food:

Ever since changing my diet back in 2003 I have been sick one time. I used to get sick at least 2-3 times per year minimum. I juice regularly, drink medicinal herbal teas, eat lots of raw foods, eat amazing fermented foods and changed my entire life, my attitude, my previous addictions all through the daily discipline of eating.

My mom has been on this diet as well for the last couple of years and has never felt better and I thank God for that every day.

Here’s an example of some regular staples I eat:

The cultures throughout the years that have incorporated a wide range of culinary herbs and spices have historically had lower cancer and heart attack rates. Visit the Spice Doctor to learn just how important spices are in your diet.

Essential oils are nature’s answer to drugs and medicines. These are highly concentrated oils from plants and different herbal substances that allow the body to heal and I believe are a great addition to your health protocol.

It is a crying shame that today’s youth has taken to drugs and alcohol like ducks to water as a result of which they have ruined their life beyond repair by falling prey to addiction but still there is a ray of hope that if they follow the diet chart on a regular basis and go for Yoga burn everyday then there are high chances that their lifestyle would take a turn for the better.