Preschool Birthday Top Pick: Review of Thomas & Friends Remote Control Thomas

The remote control Thomas train is a fun and not too expensive toy for preschoolers. The remote control Thomas train that is part of the Thomas  amp; Friends collection is age-appropriate and easy to use. This toy train would make an ideal gift for a preschooler, for a birthday or a special occasion.

Thomas  amp; Friends Remote Control Percy Review

Thomas Remote Control

Thomas is one of the trains in Thomas  amp; Friends that is available as remote control toy. There is also a version with Percy and one with James.

Thomas and Friends Remote Control Thomas Set

The Thomas and Friends Remote Control Percy set comes with the remote controller, which looks like big handle. The remote controller has an on and off button and moves the train forwards and backwards. The Thomas  amp; Friends song can also be played with the remote control. The preschooler can move the train at will, or leave it on.

The downside is that the remote control uses six AA batteries. Purchase a battery recharger and rechargeable batteries, if you do not already have those items.

Due to its size, the remote control is easy to find, and won’t get lost.

The main engine comes with the set, along with two train cars. This set does not come with a track, but the train can run on the floor or a low carpet.

This set retails for about $20.

Ease of Use

The remote control and the set are easy enough for a preschooler to use on their own. On occasion the remote control and the train may need to be toggled off and then back on again in order to get the train moving.

Adding on to the Thomas and Friends Remote Control Thomas Set

What’s nice about the Thomas and Friends Remote Control Percy Set is that that additional train cars can be purchased and added to the train. The preschooler will need help adding and removing the train cars, as the little plastic loops can be hard for little hands to maneuver.

A small set of tracks may also be purchased to go along with this train set. The plastic tracks which are sold separately stay together well. Compared to the wooden track set we have, we do not have to reassemble the plastic track as frequently as we do with the wooden track.

What the Remote Control Thomas Will Not Do

The train will move on the floor, but it will not move on a wooden track set that is not made for Thomas  amp; Friends, if you have one of those.

The little train will also struggle with pushing train cars that are placed in front of it on the track. This is something that the preschooler will probably test on their own. The train will either get stuck or derailed.