Social Media Marketing Services – How are they effective?

Our focus is on helping you feel confident in the implementation of a successful social media marketing plan. Our services are designed to meet your unique marketing and social media needs so we do not offer pre-priced packages. Cost is dependent upon your unique situation.

We offer an initial thirty minute complimentary phone consultation. During that time, we will talk about your requirements and give you an explanation of our services and answer your questions. We will follow up with a price quote.

One Hour of Jam Packed Social Media Tips and Ideas:

A cornucopia of social media tips and ideas, teaching or consultation via phone or Google Hangout. No strings attached! Call 303-279-8880 or send an email to set up a convenient time. Price: $70.00

A comprehensive intake assessment and detailed discussion so that you can pinpoint your goals and objectives. Market research will uncover the methods required to implement a successful and realistic online media game plan. While people buy 100 instagram views, the selection of the right method is there. It will increase the revenue of the business organization and enhance the promotional experience. There Is requirement of market research to get complete information about the purchasing. 

A customized strategic plan that will yield positive and profitable results based on the intentions you set and the outcome you desire. My affinity for writing will assure you of meaningful content conveyed in a professional manner.

An Action Plan – A Variety of Services Customized for You and Your Business

  • Create, write and post content on a schedule that fits your needs
  • Learn all about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest
  • Engage on other platforms such as Foursquare, Yelp and TripAdvisor
  • Focus on one, a few or all of the social platforms

If you are interested in managing your social networks by yourself, we will make sure your social platforms are set up properly and give you written material to guide you.

For those who want to take the guesswork out of strategy, setup and implementation, we do it for you with custom updates, posts and management of your social platforms.

Scope of Services Provided: This list is not all inclusive. Services will vary depending on your unique needs.

Two one hour strategy sessions to understand your brand, business goals and target market

  • Suggestions as to the best three social networks for your unique business needs
  • Creation and setup of your social media profiles with the correct links and search engine optimization tools
  • A total of twenty custom written posts for the social network(s) of your choosing
  • Customized and personalized information sheet chock full of social media tips and ideas
  • One hour strategy session to discuss your Facebook objectives
  • Creation of your personal and business profiles
  • Tutorial on connecting with others via Facebook
  • One hour strategy session to go over your your LinkedIn objectives
  • Creation of your own professional group plus a tutorial about groups
  • Tutorial on how to connect with other business professionals
  • One hour strategy session to go over your Google Plus objectives
  • Creation and implementation of Google Authorship, if qualified
  • Integration of the Google social layers, including Drive and You Tube
  • My affinity for writing will assure you of meaningful content conveyed in a professional manner.