The Best Gift for your Dog is Training

Yep! It’s cold out. And that can mean only one thing…It is coming up to the holidays.

Besides good nutrition one of the best things you can give your dog is training. Dove’s games and training modules opens doors for you and your dog. As a holiday gift from us to you, check out this free video.

Dove is a trainer to movie dogs, as well as a Canadian Champion Rally Trainer. Of course we believe in the power of training.

DTO training modules use only positive training methods. Other dog-training methods or training tools may have apparent results but can hide problems which can develop from fear based training methods.

We love DTO as a gift because Dove’s methods continue to build for lifelong happy dogs.

Dove has rescued more than 80 foster dogs in her own home, and introduced them to their new forever homes with near perfect success. This is the best testimony that all dogs can be trained and can become great household pets.

We hear in the news about troubled dogs. The trend today is the stories of success and how these dogs with human love and care can turn around. Whether it is rehabilitated fight dogs (how horrible!) or dogs rescued from puppy mills, healed and prepared for their new forever homes.

This is because positive training is becoming so accessible. Training works! We are so glad that responsible and kind ownership is becoming the norm.

We know firsthand the dreams you had when you first brought home your puppy or dog. We at DTO have loving fur friends of our own. In fact positive training will bring you past your wildest dreams of what it means to own a dog. A dog trained with positive motivation techniques will be able to change and grow his whole life!

Maybe you have seen another dog at the park that fetches and you want that for your dog, but you don’t know how to get there. Maybe you have taken on the very special challenge of rehabilitating a rescue dog and need some good foundation techniques. At DTO we start you on the right foot! with a full library of training modules.

Try it out! It is so rewarding to have a behaved, happy and healthy dog. There’s nothing like it! Your dog deserves it and so do you!

And remember a little extra attention for good food choices pays off in the end. Dove offers her best advice for best food, and ingredients to avoid.

We want to send out a special Holiday Greeting for the special people who have made it their mission to make sure all dogs are loved.

We at DTO think Dove is the BEST for helping give so many dogs a second chance. We know there are many people out there helping needy dogs. Thanks to all the people working in dog rescues helping ALL dogs find their forever home! Bless you and your kind hearts! A rescue dog is a great choice. The positive side of bringing home a rescue is potential behavioural problems have already been identified by the rescue group from which you are accepting your dog. Dogs go through thorough screening.

For more additional items, you can click here. There are several options that you can find for the perfect items and accessories for your dog. Surely, your dog will appreciate these things as they are made from quality materials. 

A good group will help you chose a dog that fits into your life. There are lots of dogs needing a home!

Happy Holidays to your and your fur friends from everyone at DTO and our fur friends.